Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sweet Cherishable Memories!!

Some of our Sweet Memories can be categorized under Cherish category.Our Happiness, Sweet Moments, are remembered forever in our life and will like to share our Past Experience in future to some1 whom we feel are really special and even to all our Near & Dear One's. What all may be our past experience?? Childhood Days[includes School days & Junior College Days] Adult days[includes Degree College Days] and even some amazing, interesting, funny experiences..Right?? and even few more..

If I keep on listing, That itself, may come down to 1000's of pages...so let me stop here...

Today,Saturday Jan 31st,2009, I had such a Wonderful Experience, Entertainment, A kind of Revision of Geography[Which I had studied in my School Days were back to memories]. Well, Today, Saraswathi Pooja was Organised in our RBI Officer's Colony. There were some Cultural Programmes organised by committee members and were implemented by some of the assistants, who taught songs, dance, and so on!!

The Best part of it, Which I liked is, the way they organize...I never felt loneliness [ Since I'm 4m Blore and was there for 18yrs.b4 I used to miss my Blore a lot..even now, I miss Blore and my Friends a lot]...

But after few days, after experiencing and knowing much better about our colony, I consider RBI Officer's Qrts, Gokuldham as Second home of my Life!! each one of the member[irrespective of age factor] are extremely friendly & helpful to each other..We are famously called as RBI Family[I too Mean it and Feel the same 4m the Depth of My Heart!!].

After morning pooja, there was Game organized specially for Ladies..Its Breaking the Handi!!That was really amazing..Person will be blindfolded and will be given a stick. she wil lbe made to stand bit far from the handi and should go near to handi and break it..But many couldnt do it..One aunt, she succcessfully won in Breaking the Handi!!

What's the funny matter is, whenever, any lady used to go to break handi, her respective hubby used to chase them 4m front and used to bend their heads[so that she could hit on his head..but other's[being volunteers] used to pull them aside..I enjoyed a lot!!

Well, after this, all enjoyed Lunch..menu was Dal Kichdi, Rice Kheer, Bonda, Some Sabji's.....

Well evening came, was time for cultural programmes..
Idol of Saraswathi Matha, was too good..

The Saraswati Pooja was implemented today, bcoz of Basantha Panchami, which is very auspicious day in Hindu Calender!!

या कुंदेंदु तुषार हरा धवाला,या शुभ्रवस्थ्रंविथाया वीणा वरदंड मंदिथाकरा या श्वेतापद्मासना।।
या ब्रह्मर्चुथा शंकर प्रब्रुथिभीही देवैही सदा पूजिता सा माम पथु सरस्वती भगवथि निशेषजाड्यापहा।।

The above shloka is of Goddess, Saraswathi.

Translation:- या मल्लिका चन्द्रः हिमः मुक्थाहरह इव श्वेता, या श्वेतावस्त्रयुथ,या वरवीनालान्क्रुथाहस्था,या सीथापद्मे उपविष्ट, या ब्रह्मविश्नुमाहेश्वराबिही सुरैही सर्वदा अर्चिता,तादृशी आशेशानाम आलास्यनाम अपहथ्री, पूज्य वाग्देवता माम अवतु

[I didn't get Sanskrit fonts...So its in Hindi!!]

Well, after this, there was Invocation and few cultural programmes..Even Ladies also participated in Dance...Even it was tooo gud!! The Overall theme of 2day's, dance was all about Whole India, Starting 4m Kashmir to Kanyakumari [Covering the traditions of East To West & North To South]..Even Devotional songs, Patriotic Songs, Film Songs of all languages were sung..

Programme was organised in such a manner that, none of the member, wished to leave that place for dinner, even after the completion of the programme....But, forcefully, had to go for dinner....Again, enjoyed the Dishes...

Congratulating all participants, were back home, saying, फिर मिलेंगे चलते चलते.....

Drawing competiton was organized...Those who won the prize, their talents were exhibited and even Wall Magazine[In which few articles, poems were exhibited]। In Wall Magazine, one of the Poem of mine, Mother's Hands was also exhibited!! I was very much excited to see my poem!!

Well, This was all about 31st Jan,2009!! A Most Wonderful Day of Jan2009!! Jan 2009 Successfully completed with the awesome celebration of Saraswathi Pooja on the occasion of Basantha Panchami!!

Hatts of to all Committee Members as well for President of our Colony, Retd.Lt.Giridhari Lal & also to all who joined hands to make this day and make the last day of Jan2009 a Grand Success!!

जय हिंद, जय भारतमाता।।


उन्मुक्त said...

सहाना जी, संस्कृत और हिन्दी दोनो देवनागरी लिपि में लिखी जाती हैं। संस्कृत के लिये कोई अलग फॉंट नहीं है। इसलिये आपने जो लिखा है वह संस्कृत में ही है।

बसन्त पंचमी के दिन मेरे यहां पीले (मीठे) चावल बनते हैं और सबको पीले रुमाल मिलते हैं। आपके यहां भी यही होता है।

Here is the English translation of what I have written in Hindi. I willing to bet that one day you will start bolgging in Hindi :-)

Sahana ji, Sanskrit and Hindi both are written in Devnagri script so whatever you have written is in Sanskrit: there is no seperate font for Sanskrit.

In our house, yellow (sweet) rice is cooked on the Basant Panchmi day and yellow Hankerchif is gifted. What is the tradition at our house.

rp.sahana said...

oh God!! Its unimaginable to blog in Hindi..Of course I ve completed Hindi BA[taking Private Exams] and Sanskrit BA[Private Exams]..

The difference between Hindi and Sanskrit is, in Hindi, we don't use half pronunciation symbol. But in Sanskrit we use that symbol..near the bottom of the letter drawing a small line is nothing but the indicating that u ve used half-pronunciation..so,that's the difference.......

उन्मुक्त said...

I have not been able to understand your comment. I have written about किंग सॉलोमन माइनस्. Kindly see how the word 'Mines' has been written in HIndi - notice स् there. If you mean this then we do use it in Hindi.

See you write well but there are a few comments. This is unfair. I don't write in Hindi as well as you do in English yet I get more comments. By the way, I get least number of comments among the Hindi bloggers. Blog in Hindi and your talents will be properly appreciated.

I can put small wager that you will blog in Hindi.

Well if you don't blog in Hindi then I will write a special post that I lost a bet to a young girl. I am sure my family members ( my wife,son and daughter in law) will laugh about it.

rp.sahana said...

I ve composed so many, hindi poems..hope u ve visited..if u can, visit a poem, titled This poem is dedicated to Dhara[u will get this in older posts]..That was my first Hindi poem and later on came up vth many of the poems....My first romantic poem was Love AT First Sight..I took nearly 5hrs to compose..I got the title but was struggling for the content..I took, 5hrs to interpret my imagination..Visit this as well and later on came up vth many poems..I take some time to step into any new one's..In the same manner, I may take some tym for Hindi Blog!! U wil win ur betting..dont worry..I wont allow elderly[old] ppl to loose their bet....So dont worry!! No1 will laugh at u rather they appreciate u!!

rp.sahana said...

s, mines is looks like Sanskrit word!! I too try for it!!I composed padaai poem in hindi..I dont know, how it is?? but itna tho patha hai ki, its in reality!! jo real life mein hotha hai, that itself, I ve interpreted!! Check it out & Let me know ur comment!!

उन्मुक्त said...

The word 'mines' is not a Sankrit word. 'King Solomon Mines' is one of the classic jungle book ever written. The book started romance with Africa's jungles

If you have not read it then please do read it. Read my post atleast :-) You will have atleast have an idea of the same.

It is my request that please remove the word verification. It not only troubles the people of my age but also discourages them from commenting. Everytime I tried to comment on your blog it took me three times: look my eyes are week :-(

You cn remove the word verificationby making appropriate changes in the setiing.

If you have any problem then do let me know My email is this. It is strange to communicate through commnets.

rp.sahana said...

Ok, I shall remove verification...

sen said...

Long Live "Sweet Cherishable Memories!!"
Thanks a lot for making an exemplary attempt to highlight a bright festival that Gokuldham Colony had on the auspicious occasion of Saraswati Puja on the day of Basant Panchami.

Your coverage is brief but quite adequate and people like me who were present there on that day could just get a sweet reminiscence of the events that went on one after another making the whole day memorable, from your page at any point of time in future.

God bless you. Just keep it up.

Gautam Uncle

Tushar said...

Good to see your coverage regarding Saraswati Puja of our colony. I feel, the group which devoted all their efforts to bring this fest upto this level during last 13 years (this being the 14th yr)deserved all the credit.
Myself with our president and all my teammates of Residents Welfare Association are always working towards the benifit of the residents in our colony.
This all show the power of the unity.
God bless u, keeping showering such encouraging messages..
Tushar uncle

Creativity!! said...

@ Gautam Uncle & Tushar Uncle, Thanks a Lot for such encouraging comments and also for visiting my blog :).....

I Surely have belief that, all functions in our colony, will be memorable forever as well as a grand success..Saraswathi Puja,went on extremely well,RBI Family, Gokuldham, is eagerly waiting for upcoming Ganapathi Puja and all other programmes which will also be a memorable forever & a Grand Success :)......Warm Regards, Sahana.

Nirbhoy said...

I was pleasantly surprised to see our Saraswati Puja's one day programme finding a place in the net. I also felt proud that a resident of our colony is running her own blog, penning her thoughts, sharing her experiences, a great way to satisfy the creative urge. GOD bless, may you continue writing this way.

Thanks for all the beautiful and encouraging words that you wrote about the Puja and the volunteers, who take out their precious time, to make the puja successful, the precouus time for which we always struggle in the busy life of Mumbai.

GOS bless, continue writing.

Nirbhoy Uncle

Creativity!! said...

@ Nirbhoy Uncle, Thanks a Lot for visiting my blog and also for such encouragement, motivation, and heart touching blessings..Thanks a Lot :)Thanks a Lot for all RBI colony members who have visited and read this article:).Eagerly waiting for upcoming Ganapathi Puja and also for all other programmes which will be a grand success :).Keep visiting..I ve also written one more article of our colony, u will find here, http://rpsahana.blogspot.com/2009/02/excitementhappiness.html

Thanks a Lot :)

ShantanuDas said...

hmmm a blogpost on Saraswati Puja - good one though.. reminds me of my own school days at Cal where we used to organise puja in our colony!!......and maybe that is why it had so much serious academic discussion between you and the first Hindi Commentor.... here I saw you in a different "Avataar"... gr8! but it has gone totally over my head. because it was on languages- and that too Hindi.. and script etc.. ..ok.. i guess i cannot be expert in everything.. :-0) but very apt for a post like this.!

But on one thing I could not agree I do not think blogging in Hindi will attract more comments.. getting more comments in the web world needs some other tactics.. like for eg.. you have done with me.. you commented on my site.. followed me.. and i came.. i liked so i commented.. i may not have liked enough to comment though.. s there will be many who will come and not comment.. simple rule has to be followed.. expose yourself.. to the world you get more comments.. and 2ns rule is.. you make your blog interesting. u will get more comments.. (i personally.. do not look for comments.. because to do that I will have to make my blog interesting and that is a lot of efforts.. sigghh...)

Usually we Bengalis have a bad thing in W.B... our holiday seasons start with Durga Puja.. in Oct.. and ends with Saraswati Puja .. other states do not usually organise this Puja. except if bengalis are there.. is it not so?? hmm...