Friday, January 9, 2009

Today's Worst Experience!! Dated:- 09Jan2009!!

Well, Today was the worst experience in my life!!
Today, I had Business Law Internal.....and sterday, I had been to Vajreshwari[situated in Thane] and VaishnoDevi[Situated in Malad]Temples...Me, Mom, and our close friends!!
So, didnt find time so study..and whole night I studied and slept by 4am and got up by 7am..and finally left my place by 8am to reach my college by 9am to attend Internals[which was scheduled for 9am]..
unfortunately, didnt get any rick nor bus to Sunder Nagar[Malad{w}]....Normally, rickwala's disagree to come to SunderNagar...So called PUBLIC SERVANTS......Finally, I took a bus to Goregaon[E] stn from Gokuldham, So that, after crossing bridge and going to Goregaon[W], so that I get rick to sunder nagar....but nobody came[So called PUBLIC SERVANTS]......I had to walk 4m Stn to Sunder Nagar....
1rick wala said, he is not having cylinder to come to Sunder Nagar, but when other person asked to Andheri he agreed..But I didnt converse much vth him since he was old..Normally, these old ppl take undue advantage of people..we just give it up, saying they r old..unke saath kya jagada karni hai?? another rick wala said, bahut kam daam miltha hai madam, aap dusri rickshaw lelo!!what a ppl r they??I really dont understand..I scolded so many rickwala's..but no use of it...Waste of Energy!!

Luckily, While I was on the way to college on foot, I met my Prof. Trupthi Shah!! So, asked her, "Mam, r u going to college?? then she questioned me, Kyun Kya hua?? Then I started saying my Lumbisi Kahani!! Then raasthe mein. khoob saare baath kiye aur mam ka ghar aagaya...and mam said, Aapse Baath karke bahut accha laga[I am chatter-Box]..

Well, But i had to go further....and finally reached college...Internals was going on..was scared and I apologized my Prof.Archana, saying, mam, I didnt get any transportation facility and bcoz of which I was focrcefully made to come on foot..and she said, Sahana, doesnt matter..dont worry..even I also suffered the same situation..please come and start writing..Well, she gave me extra 10mins time....but my performance wasnt upto the mark!! I was completely tensed and confused!!Somehow, want to get out of it!!

After, I finished college, luckily got rick to Gokuldham from Sunder Nagar and b4 going home..I went to Beauty Parlour for Eyebrows and Waxing and was back home after such a worst experience....

Suffering from severe leg pain..didnt even find time to sleep during noon time..since I was getting frequent calls from many friends to wish for Jan10th Bday[saying advance wishes Sahana Dear!!]

After, composing this, I felt this article is somewat senseless.....But for me it makes sense and a kind of irritable mind cooled completely......feeling relaxed after I poured all my experience[worst experience, wat I feel].....

The reason is simple, bcoz of strike all this is happening.....DOnt know, when govt will react to Strikes of ONGC, Indian Oil, Bharat Pertoleum so and so forth...They r striking for medical allowance, increment in pension so on and so forth..I ve some more to add in this..let me do it tomorrow....now, feeling tired...so gtg..Bye!!

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