Tuesday, January 13, 2009



S, as soon as reader's eye contact attracts to this title.......Demand in curiosity rises!! I know!!

I am extremely frustrated with Internals.......

Like Blore, here in Mumbai..No particular timetable is given for students especially in our college...dont know abt other college's.....whether u ve tym to devote for other subjects or whether u ve time to devote for urself is least considered or bothered!!

Areeeyyyyyy!!!!!!! We students r also human beings....feel like going for outing.....but where to go?? When to go?? will be the main q's which our souls, heart, mind q's ourself!!what answer Should I give them?? I agree that, without education, everything is highly impossible for oneself!! Education plays a vital role in each and every citizen!!

If a person is literate then, he/she is considered to be a Human Being!! or else not.......

But, do we consider person, as human being, who had failed in one of the academic year???Nope, rather the comment is of Negativity..saying, That person[pointing out with name], is unfit to be a Human Being!! What a shameful comment it is, insulting our own citizen!!

Rather, try to understand, their difficulties, sorrows...But, the usual comment is, No hard work, lacking interest in education, so on & so forth!! But, do we interact vth them..to know whats the problem is??nope.....we never do it!!

I am really extremely frustrated..bcoz nowadays, I coming across such people...who r very much helpless of their own life!!

I wish to share a frustrating incident which happened in our college a few days back.

3-4Days back, one of my friend mom came to college...It was about 9.30am.her mom came and was talking to Sir..Then, her mom was enquiring whether her daughter had come to college for 1st lecture...then he said Yes. She had come and also attended the internals.
Her mom was in Tears..She was deeply hurt by some1...Then, I went to her[not bcoz Im curious to know about her tears, But to console her.By seeing her tears, I couldnt step back myself, saying to myself that, sahana dont speak 2her..something serious might ve hapnd.] and enquired her problem..
Then she said, somebody called her up 4-5times while she was resting[since she wasnt well] & said that, "आपकी बेटी किसी के साथ जा रही थी...हमको देखते ही दूसरी रास्ते पे भागके चली गई".....How insulting it is to know.....then, I convinced her saying, she was in the class..she came by 7 & also attended Quantitative Method Internal & even her paper[answer sheet] is with Sir. So that she can cross check it out!!
Doesnt people have that much of Common Sense[So called sense]......If a girl is talking to her bro/uncle, Y do public throw such bad frustrating comments?? I really dont understand..some ppl say, In nowadays generation, ppl r least bothered about others.. since they dont ve time to themselves and when & where will they find time to focus what others r doing??
I dont feel that people have changed!! They ever never change in their life[not even at the last moment of their Breath]..

People should be Ashamed of themselves[Shame Shame Puppy Shame].......................

Oh God!! when will people change their mind,talks,ideas,views,opinions?? I shall pray God for the well being of each and every living organisms, and also Human Beings!!

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