Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year Resolution 2009!!

As the time goes on, it brings vth the fresh day, fresh experience,fresh memories..Memories are lifetime..B4 Starting with 2009, Let me thank all the people who made 2008 Memorable for me..I pray God, to bless you and ur family with fruitful year ahead!!

As all of us know of terror attacks[Athankvadi], In some of the places, New Year celebration was unseen..

In our RBI Officers' Qtrs, we all RBI family, celebrated New Year, after 2mins mourning to the innocent people who were killed and also to the officers', commando's who sacrificed their life for the sake of NATION..

After mourning, There was a Song sung by Manasa[my friend] to these Martys'..all of us vth great pain of terror attacks, somehow managed to have smiley face..Its the song, for which even, Nehru chachaji also cried..Its such a beautiful melodious song..Devoted to Soldiers..commandos..

Its..yeh mere vatan ke logon...

Later, on kids sung, hum ko Man ki Shakthi Dena[old hindi Guddi movie]..Which was also too gud!!

Then, there were some dance performed by children...My most Favorite, girl, named Nandini[I call her as goofy mummy]..she loves pets a lot..Chori Chori Chupke Chupke Goofy ko Biscuit Kilathi Hai!!Goofy is puppy's name..from the day he is born, Nandini is taking care of him..Very cute..Chubby Chubby..She danced very well for Dance Pe Chance[Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi]...She is my most favorite cute little girl in our Qtrs..

Guys danced for Paan Banaras wala[Old Don Movie of Amitabh Bachan]..group dance for Pappu cant Dance Saala[Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na]

Few played on Keyboard and guitar..All programmes were good!! Well, had a nice time and a kind of entertainment & recreation!!

Wish You All My Loved and Caring Near & Dear Ones A Very Prosperous New Year 2009!!!!!!

"Receive my simple gift of love, wrapt with sincereity.Tied with Care & Sealed with Sweet memories 2keep You Happy Throughout your Life".

Well, Every1 asked me, about Resolution, I said, yet to decide..but now, while I was editing this article, I got one resolution, i.e., Hope for the Best and Be Prepared for the Worst and whatever is worthless, Dont try for it, inspite of knowing its worthless!! whatever, Is under my limit, capability, let me reach uptill to such stage, should even dream of going beyond that, making some adventures..which is not done untill now!!

B4, I used to feel that, only I am the person, who knows everyting well...bcoz, In our college[girl's coll].. many struggle to speak in English...few used to say that, Sahana, tera English bahut accha hai..Thu bahut acchi bolthi hai..and u have good command over the language..I used to say them that, u start speaking to me, so that, even u will also improve ur spoken english..but to be frank, only 1 or 2 atleast tried for that..but others...they ve not changed their minds..Its very sad to say that, they dont know, the difference between, [has,had,have, give,gave]..Dont know, when to use present tense and when to use past tense..

I'm not degrading...But, Feel sad, to listen to such horrible terrible English..

Would like to share one Incident, One fine day, I t was first day of my Graduation year[1st yr,1st sem] Sir, entered class and he wished.......Good Morning Students....How he pronounced Students is, Split the word Students[Stud+ents] he was saying, students..stud=stud and ents as ants, so his prounciation was studants!! eventhough the spelling was correct..I dont know, whether he properly know the spelling of it or not!! b4, I didnt understand, when he was repeatedly saying, Studants-studants..Then, I asked a girl sitting next to me, She gave definition in Hindi, Saying, Bacche logon ko bolthe hai na vol wala hai Studants!! Wooowwww..what a Wonderful definition..Then I understood, oh ho..he is pronouncing Students as Studants!!

Even now, the same strategy follows.....I can understand that, some will be having pronounciation problem, but Y cant they try for it?? School education may be hindi medium or gujju..but still, when they enter into College, let them try to learn and improve..should read books,Journals, Newspapers..But nope..Arey kantal atha hai..कौन पड़ता है वो सब!! This the response I get when I try to help them out..One or two words, they converse in english...but baaki sab Hindi..No doubt, infuture, all have to enter Private or Government Sectors, then who will accept, if they r lacking behind in Spoken English!!

I feel very extremely sad!!

Upgrading or Improving Spoken english of my classmates is beyond my limit..

So, My Resolution is, Hope for The Best and Be Prepared for the Worst and what ever is beyond the limit, capability, dont ever never try for it!!

Well, I dont know, Will this help me out or not!! But, I did this Resolution..and even I am not sure, whether I stick to this resolution or not!!

Anyway, Wish You All Belated Prosperous Fabulous Fantastic Happy New Year!!

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