Friday, January 2, 2009


Dhara famoulsy known as Dhokla in our class...extremely thin,beautiful,brilliant,active,smart..Blah blah Blah......She is so thin, no one can imagine..Even now, I keep asking her Dhara Bacchi, tujhe sab body parts hey kya????Very silly question..I know!!!!!!

Whomever r close to me[among girls], I call them as Marie Jaan...Marie Bacchi..Hahahaa

Everyday, exactly 4goodday biscuits for breakfast...each week she purchases a packet of good day biscuits and manages vth 1packet for a week long!! Its highly impossible for me to keep 1 packet of biscuits for a weeeekkkkk long.....I finish the whole packet within few minutes and sometimes even in few seconds..I dont know, how she manages vth hardly of 4biscuits as breakfast!!Very Funny!! Cute Little Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am vth her and Shahana from past a month or so...But I liked her companion a lot..b4 that I used to occupy other place..since that is not suitable for me I changed my place..one fine day, when I entered class, Dhara called and said, Sahana, thu idhar aaja..tereliye seat reserved hey!!!!Very Sweeeet Humble Cute Voice!!!!! Love u Lot Dhara Bacchi!!!!!!!!

Once she beats, pains heavily...very strong....physically but not mentally....she is very emotional,sensitive jo mujhe aaj pathachala bcoz of 1small incident...

Well, Today what hapnd is, Management class was in progress and Mam asked have u all taken xerox of the next set of problems?Then majority answered...no maaaaammmm..then she shouted..those who r not having xerox move out from the class and will not take internals for u and 10marks will be deducted from ur written assessment..then sab log bagh ke bagh ke went to xerox shop to take the xerox which is in 2nd floor of our coll..wanted atleast 1copy to take xerox for 30ppl..so I asked Dhara, dhara bus 2mins keliye dena..2min mein tujhe vapas karungi..she didnt accept..somehow wanted xerox copy of other person..but got from someother person...and even Dhara's xerox was also with me...she came down and said, mam was not allowing her inside and I told her not 2worry & she went off...well finally got xerox after a disaster..were back to class...but dhara was not there in the class...I was bit tensed..finally she entered..when I saw her face..her face was like Tomato...full of pure red..swollen cheeks and was crying a lot..Mam tried to console her..but she didnt cope up..But, I gave Jaadu ki Chabbi!!!!!!! First time in my life, I gave Jaadu ki Chabbi...all of them started laughing loudly and said, sahana bahut accha tha..tune bahut accha kiya..24/7 Dhara will be cracking jokes, too funny girl, always smiley face..It was very hurting to c her sad face..but finally, she gave chota sa smile!!!!!
Each day, she brings exactly 4 good day biscuits for breakfast..each purchases a packet of good day biscuits and she manages vth single packet for a weeeeeeekkkkkkkkk.....Its highly impossible for me to keep 1packet for a week long.....within few seconds I finish the whole packet...I dont know how she manages vth 4biscuits for her breakfast...very funny,cute little baby!!

The reason Y I mentioned is bcoz, very sensitive emotional ppl ke saath ppl have to be polite loveable,caring even when they ve committed mistake knowingly or unknowingly..DOnt scold them or shout at them..be polite,soft,loveable,caring..

Mein aur Dhara khoob saare masthi karthe hai..hamare beech mein Shahana naam ki ladkhi will sit..jab mein aur dhara latapati karthe hai shahana ko lagtha hai...Dhara ya mere ko nahi..I am Sahana and beech mein jo bytthi na vo Shahana hai...

Very Funny Naughty Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the pink orchid said...

awwwwwww..such an innocent post.. and a wonderful observation.. you understand people around you.. way to go!

rp.sahana said...

Franky speaking, I encourage ppl a lot..Even though they ve undergone much of failure...neever degrade them..rather encourage them..some ppl will say...arey, dont talk to that person who always fail..I dont like such stupidity..they can be surely called as foolish/non-sense/stupid/selfish/self-centered ppl...I'm not self bosting..but like to interact to such ppl and would try to understand and know their difficulties..actually, I want to compose abt all this..but lack of time..since my exams r going on..I am unable to do so..but, blogging is a kind of hobby for me..I love blogging and also to read the blogs which r too interesting and also which enhances our knowledge..for example..ur Pink Orchid Blog!!

shastri007 said...

nice story!! Dhara rocks

rp.sahana said...


srinivas said...

good blog - nice writing

go ahead :)

rp.sahana said...

Thanks a Lot Uncle!!