Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Whom do we call as professionals??

Only the persons who r specialized in different fields..Engineers as Enginner Professionals, Doctors as Medical Professionals, CA, MBA's as Accounts and Finance Professional....ofcourse, we specialize in different fields entering into higher studies and completing vth the higher studies..which may be in India or UK..

But, can't we call a Kid, who is well versed in computer knowledge or who is brilliantly using brain in composing poetry or any other field......According to me, even kids r also professionals..not only them...even all the creatures, Universe and what all is existing in this Universe is all bcoz of God..Almighty has not termed engineer professionals, medical professionals, Tax Professional, Stocks Professional, so and so forth..But we ppl, named it..and we consider only such persons, who ve completed CA, CS,MS MBA as Human Beings..If the person is Bsc,BA graduate, our view goes saying, that graduate is unfit to be a Human Being..

But, do we know, the benefits which r upcoming from these Bsc, BA graduates..Majority wants to be Engineers, Medicals..... But, as we all know, there is recession everywhere.. Private companies[MNC's] recruit ppl, and throw them out giving Pink Slip on the spot, even though that person had worked for more than 20yrs or so..they r least bothered about their employees.....employees r hardcore devotees of their Company, their designation, their Job..they sacrifice infinitely..But whats the ultimate, REWARD employees get?? PINK SLIP is the ultimate REWARD!!

Bsc[IT] is playing a vital role...and even BA..there r ample of options available in these fields..but does all the ppl respect such courses..

Dont ve any kind of negative impression on any field..All r equal & excellently going on with their own Dreams, Wishes, Interests!!

Recently when I was discussing regarding recession, vth my Friend Shobhna, I was saying her that, Shobhna, Bcoz of the recession, the upcoming Graduates will suffer in Job market...We may not even get Job in PAAN WALA shop, to Pass Single Entry Transactions......we may not even get job in Government sector, wherein recruitment takes place for the designation of Sweeper!!

Such a Situation may arise......Y not it cannot happen to upcoming freshers, when its affecting to the people who have worked for more than 20yrs in that company??

Whats the assurance we get?? People wants to join MNC, so that monthly salary will be double the Govt Job!! Can make Windfall Profits within a year, whereas in Govt job, it takes years together to make windfall profits.....but whats the use of it?? ultimate reward in case of MNC is PINK SLIP!! I am not here commenting again & again Pink Slip, Pink Slip..I am not a scare monger..being citizen of India..being concerned towards the upcoming generation sharing all my feelings, emotions which r boiling at 104 degree celcius!! Each day, whenever, I start watching the news, there cums is these many employees were gien pink slips..and so and so company will be giving pink slips within so and so period since, company is burdened!!What about the employees?? for the name sake, Employees r the Blood of the Organisation..but not practically..How many of us transform theory into practical?? Just delivering speech all the tym!!Shame on our part!! Shame on the Govt, who gave resignation to their designations, when the people of Maharashtra wanted safety,support and proper measures to be implemented!!

Politicians say, If there is heavy Down Pour, Public curse us..if there is no proper Rainfall, Public curse us..We curse politicians...for which they r not responsible..not bcoz of politicians, we get rain or not!! Its a natural happening..S I agree that, bcoz of destrution of trees, plants, and increase in construction its affecting the natural calamities/happenings!! Govt does it for their own benefit..But what abt the citizens??

Nowadays, the situation is such that, If India wins, WorldCup, ppl burst the crackers[Dum-Damar], if some marraige/Bday is there, even then ppl burst the crackers..and recently from past few years[1-2], very sad to say, If someone expired, even then, ppl burst the crackers..I really dont understand, whats wrong with citizens!! eventhough very well educated!!...

For what all is done, there is a value for it!! If its done vth Great Self-Determination-Effort-Hardwork, there comes Success!! As we have, Food chain, In the same manner, but in a bit different manner, we ve Success Chain, i.e., Self-Determination-Effort-Hardwork!!

I gave title as professional, But I went to irrelevant topic also in few places..while composing this, my mind,thoughts,views,opinions were roaming everywhere..dont know why??

Dont Name as Professionals, only to those who ve completed higher studies but also show respect to each & every creature[Give & Take Respect]....each one of us are Professionals in our own fields, thoughts, views, opinions, dreams,wishes,ambitions,interests...........

Wish Every1 a Very Best Success both in Personal as well as Professional Field!!

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