Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Useless......Whats useless do we find in current generation?? When I finished publishing vth frustration article, some1 commented going to other room saying useless......According to that person,[identity withheld] Blogging is useless....always will keep on shouting at me..especially, when I am in front of PC!!
If I sit in front of PC, She feels that, I am wasting my time in chatting...but really Am I?? Nope, I Love composing articles & even have hobby of reading other blogs..not only blogs..I also refer to so many sites wherein I can enhance my knowledge..Even I will be having projects work to be done..assignments..nowadays, prof's prefer prinouts], power point presentations!!

That person's tradition is of 1930's generation eventhough born in 1950's.....That person is least concerned or bothered what exactly a computer is used for??not even knows the basic..If I try to make that person understand, takes out negative meaning of myself[which I hate]..

My sis, is very understanding..she always encourages me in this regard or in whatever I do!! thats the reason I ve dedicated so many of the poems and articles to my Sis!!

Nowadays, what all has to done, is done through online.....everything is highly impossible without online!! But still, I dont understand, y people of Old generation, not even try to understand current generation people[their views,thoughts,opinions, so on & so forth]..

Well!!Finally, after pouring all my anger by composing this article, I've Cooled Down From High Level Boiling Point.

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