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Journey to Nashik,Panchavati & Shirdi, 24th Jan,2009

Departure to Nashik was at 9:15am on 24th Jan,2009 and arrived at 8.45am on 25th Jan,2009.
Total 560kms in 24hrs & traveled average of 23kms/hr.

Well, we started our journey to Nashik by 9:15am & on the way to Nashik, we came across Most Beautiful Landscapes,Resorts, Barren Lands[only in few parts, greenery was there],people on foot to Shirdi, Few were traveling on Bike[Family,Bachelor's & Old People],Steel Plants, Animals[Cows,Buffalo's, Goats, Sheep's,which are categorized under extinct species in today's generation],tents,जोप्डियो, slums, precincts, sheets house & finally reached नाशिक महानगर पालिका by 1:40pm which is of 190kms[journey was of nearly 4hrs,40mins]. Extreme Hot Climate.

There in Nashik, we stood in Queue from 1:45pm-3:45pm[nearly 2hrs] and got darshan by 4:00pm. and came out of the temple by 4:15pm.

Nashik is a place where, शूर्पनिकी nose was cut by लक्ष्मण & b'coz of which it is named as Nashik.
Here the name of god is Trimbakeshwar.Its one of the 12 Jyothirlingas in India. It is said that, anybody, who visits trimbakeshwar attains salvation. here, ब्रह्म, विष्णु वृक्ष वृक्ष[त्रिमुर्थी] are there.

Well, after Nashik we proceeded our journey towards Panchavati. River Godavari flows towards Nashik and its Northern part is known as Panchavati. It is said that, Lord, Shri Ram & Sita along with Laxman stayed at Panchavati for some time. Thus Panchavati has gained holy importance. There are five Banyan (Vad) trees and hence the area is called Panchavati.Nearby is Sita Gumpha (cave) where Sita is said to have stayed for some time. Thus Panchavati has gained holy importance. There are five Banyan (Vad) trees and hence the area is called Panchavati.Nearby is Sita Gumpha (cave) where Sita is said to have stayed for some time. Pancha means Five and Vat means वृक्ष।

The Gumpha (i.e. Cave) is near the five Banyan trees in Panchavati. One can enter the cave with the help of a very narrow staircase. The cave has the idol of Shree Ram, Laxman and Sita. To
the left, one can enter into the cave having the Shiva Linga. Devotees believe that Ravan kidnapped Sita from the same place.

Totally, there are 9temples in Panchavati. कालाराम मन्दिर, नारोशंकर मन्दिर,सुन्दर्नारायण मन्दिर,.अर्धनारीशवर मन्दिर, अरुणा वरुण गोदावरी संगम[जहा पे कुम्बामेल हर १२साल को होता है],गोदावरी मन्दिर, कपालेश्वर मन्दिर,gondeshwar मन्दिर, हनुमान मन्दिर, पंचवटी, म्यूज़ियम।

Then, we proceeded towards, Shirdi. 108kms, between Nashik & Shirdi via, Panchavati. Left Panchavati by 6:30pm and reached Shirdi by 8:30pm. We enquired for availability of rooms, in Siddhanth Hotel.There receptionist said, the cost of one room for one night is Rs.7000/- only..His version was like this, Sir, सिर्फ़ और सिर्फ़ साथ हसार रूपया, चलेगा न??बस एकघंटा में मिल जाएगा। What the hell it is?? in other hotels, the starting price is Rs.3000/- and in outskirts,4kms 4m Sai Baba, In S.R.Resorts, they said, that people were allowed to sleep on floor[bedding was not provided by the hotel] and were charged Rs.200/-per person. Well, we thought of taking darshan & then we shall search for rooms or after darshan, lets go back to Mumbai. we went to take पूजा सामन. There a person was selling, Hot Milk. The cost of a glass of hot milk[milk was mixed to water] was Rs.10/-. Then we proceeded towards the temple[Gate No.3] for Darshan..We got a very nice darshan and came back in search of our Alto car...since driver left us near the temple premises and left for parking..Mobiles/Cameras are not allowed in Temple..Its Strictly followed & Prohibited and hence, me and my dad kept our cell in bag and bag was inside the car..Driver No. was saved in cell...so we were forced to call up our relatives[stays in RBI Qtrs] at 11pm to enquire Driver Number....Bachelor gave his cell to us to call our relatives and also driver.....then finally, we got our car and were back on the way.....

Luckily we had a nice journey for 1hr[11pm-12am] and later on unfortunately we were strucked up in traffic for 6hrs.Traffic was there 7kms ahead of us as well as at the back..During the traffic jam, some good samaritans helped in clearing the traffic jam, so that there could be constant flow of vehilces smoothly or without any hindrance.Bcoz of long stoppage of vehicles due to traffic jam, some of the lorry/truck drivers had slept in vehicles and they were woken up by samaritans who were controlling the traffic and guiding the way for the vehicles to move further.Police came at last [when almost 99%] traffic Jam was cleared by samaritans..even they too didnt find the way to come and clear the jam..since everywhere it was totally blocked.

We heard that, after a very long period, locals saw a huge gathering of people[which happened 35years ago]. bcoz of continuous holiday[24th,25th & 26th] people 4m other states had also come..but luckily they got rooms since they came on friday night[fare was Rs.200 per room, per night]. So many of them, were not allowed darshan. Luckily, my parents and myself were lucky enough for Darshan.....

Finally, after 6hrs traffic Jam[12am-6am], we started normal, fantastic journey towards Mumbai and reached Gokuldham, RBI Qtrs by 8.50am.


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