Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hesitant Smile :) :)

 Today While Me & My Friend Were On Our Way To Mumbai Central, Through Churchgate Fast Local,  Me & My Friend Were Happily Conversing About Our Old Memories With A Extreme Broad Smiley Faces :) 

A Lady Approached & Asked Which IS The Next Station?? When She Was In The Process Of Questioning I Clearly Observed Her Way of Asking Question, With A Strict Face, Strict Voice, Strict Tone & Was Standing As A Statue. 

I Understand That, She Might Have Forgotten The Station Names Or She Might Be Tensed Whatsoever Her Situation May Be......But She Could Have Asked In A Melodious Tone......Atleast With A Smile!!!!!!

Seeing Her Tensed Face, I Gave Her A Broad Smile & Said, Aunt Its Vileparle!! Then, While Getting Down At Andheri, To Greet Me Gave A Hesitant Smile......I Didn't Ask Her To Smile. Even When I Gave A Broad Smile, She Didn't Even Think Of Hesitant Smile, But, While Getting Down, She Could Have Given A Pure Smile, But She Gave A Hesitant Smile!!!!!

I Am Not Making Out Other's Mistakes. I Just Shared This Incident, Since There Are/Might Have Happened[Both In Present & Past Tense] That, We Too Face Tensed Situation..But Being, Strict & Tensed Doesn't Help To Overcome Our Problem. So, Better & Best Way Is To Smile, SO That Self Confidence Will Increase[According To Me]!!
PS :- Many More Experiences In Local Trains, In Next Post :)