Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Teenagers are Amazing!!

Teenagers are amazing,
I wish the world would see,
Just how beautiful we are,
How compassionate we can be.

I wish they could take back
All the cynical things they've said.
And see how we shine,
Be positive instead.

Remark on our radiant smiles,
And the differences we make,
All of the people our lives touch,
All of the chances that we take.

Notice how we change,
Each and every day,
Wanting to leave childhood,
Yet desperately wanting to stay.

I wish they could remember,
How tough our lives can be,
The promises that are broken,
The violence that we see.

Yet we still venture onward,
Unsure of where the road may lead,
Hoping they will take notice,
Hoping they will take heed,
Of the changes that we've made,
Of the power that we hold,
Of the wisdom we have hidden,
Of the stories yet untold.

I hope the world will notice,
What some have already seen,
Teenagers are amazing people,
Striving to follow their dreams.


balaji said...

yup!!! truly teenagers are amazing n dey rock....good blog to read.I enjoyed keep posting more.

rp.sahana said...

Thanks a Lot!!