Friday, January 2, 2009

To My Sister,Aparna!!

There are special angels,
you will encounter here in life,
and lift you up above your fight.
They whisper a prayer softly for you,
Whether they are near or far away,
and somehow they always know all the right things to say.
They have a smile and a look in their eyes,
that light up every corner of your heart,
and they love you as their own,
they have a gentle way about them,
that makes it feel like home.
They can see the shadows in your life,
that none else could find,
and chase away that shadow,
till it's only joy they find.
Everytime you think of them,
It feels like Heaven smiling down,
There is a certain glow around them,
and you know without a doubt,
this is an angel you have found.
You may find yourself wondering,
how do i deserve the honor,
of this angel in my life,
don't question God's blessing,
Just seek out His face,
Almighty paid the price for us,
and He blessed us in it's place.
There are special angels,
You will encounter throughout life,
I believe that with all my heart,
I know and I praise God everyday,
because you have been mine.

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