Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Bad Fate.

Cold Chill Dark Night. Owls, Wild Dogs. In Mid Of All These, Stood Couple In Waves. Waves Repeatedly Washed Their Foot. Their House Was Nearest To Beach. She Was Wearing White T-Shirt & Shaded Jeans.She Was Wearing A Red-TShirt & 3/4th Pant. Both Had Excellent Understanding, Caring To Each Other. Everyone, Were Very Curious About Their Bond & Relationship. They Enjoyed A Lot & Went Home.

One Fine Day, He Got A Project & Had To Go To Other Country. She Had A Bond Of 5years & Couldn't Accompany Him For The First Time. Unfortunately, For The First Time, They Were Separated. He Promised That, He Will Be Back Very Soon.

They Both Studied In Same School, College. Did Their Post Graduation Together In The Same University.

For Few Days, Everything Was Going On Fine. They Were Talking Frequently On Phone. But, One Day, She Tried Many Times For His Cell. But, Recorded Message Was Saying, "The Customer You Are Trying To Reach Is Unavailable. Please Try Again Later."

She Was Extremely Tensed & Worried. She Contacted His Friend. His Friend Searched For Him. The Very Next Morning, In The Newspaper, Accident News Was On The Very First Page. His Friend Was Shocked To See His Friend's Spot Death Because Of Accident.

This Was The Very Bad Fate Day Of Their Relationship. 

PS :- Dearies, This Is A Imaginary Story. 

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Strong Friendship Bond :D

Yesterday I Had A Marathon Talk With My Friend & She Was Sharing Her Strong Friendship Bond :D

She Has 60 people in her group..I Mean, They all studied in same school from nursery to 10th Std. Few Also Studied In Same Junior Colleges & Some Were In different colleges :D

Few Have gone outside state as well. But, They All Will Have Group Video Chat Either In Yahoo Or Skype As Per Their Convenience :D Its That, If Any Has Birthday, They All Sit Online By 10pm & Will Celebrate Birthday :D They Sit Online Because, My Friend Is Here & All others are in Blore. She Doesn't Feel as a left out :D Those 60 occupy themselves in 6houses, who has Webcam & In Each House, 10ppl will Stay :D

First All Parents Will Chat, Then Comes The Chance of Kids :D They Tease, Crack Jokes, Enjoy A lot :D This will be done, once in 15days that too, on Saturday :D They All Spend Nearly 4-5hrs, chatting online :D Bcoz All 60 should share their 15days experiences.....

Back To Birthday Celebration, When its Sharp 12.00am, That Girl/Guy Cut The Cake, SO My Friend can see their celebration through online :D If any1 is busy & cannot attend video chat, Then The Very next day, friends will call up & enquire, whether they he/she was ill & Could not attend the Video Chat :D

Guys Go To Guys House To Stay & Girls To Girls House To Stay :D So If Any Guy Is Ill, His friend group will visit & Let know the girls, about his condition & Vice Versa :D Bcoz their parents r strict. These people, Have Not told their parents that, They Chat With Guys As Well :D So, Once The Parents of Guys, Complete Their Talks, Guys, Will Immediately Sms or Give A Miss Call To Any Girl. Then, She Tells Her parents, to take a leave, so that friends Can Chat :D Once Their Parents Leave, All Girls & Guys, Start Their Talks :D

By Listening To This, I Was Very Jealous Of Her Friends' group...But, Was Also Very Proud Of Her :D They All Are Within Limits & Never Let Their Parents Know, That Guys Are talking to Girls As well & Vice Versa :D

2Years Back, When She had been to Blore, Guys Had booked tickets For Race Movie & Also Had arranged for lunch in a Good Restaurant :D This Year, She Couldn't Meet, Bcoz of Her Short Stay..But Met, Few Of Them :D

Ps :- Dearies, I May Not Have Shared this story in a Proper sequence. Whatever came to my mind wrote that, hope You people, try to understand this :D From now on, I Have made it a point that, I Will be Regular In This Blog As Well :D

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Ganesh Chathurthi :)

Wish You All A Very Happy Swarna Gauri Vrath & Ganesh Festival :) Jai Ganesh :D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


After so long time, Back to this blog :)

Recently, one of my friend's Father Expired in TRAIN Accident on 8th July :(

He was crossing a Railway Track, in Borivilli, 8th Platform[New Platform].......Announcement was not made about the arrival of engine....even Motorman, also didn't horn...When that engine approached nearer to this person, horn was made...Uncle, thought that, train is coming from far away...but unfortunately, it was extremely nearer to him & he was hit by that engine with a great force...he flew high up & then fell down....He had suffered from Minor Injuries on his forehead & also back of the head.....

But, None of the public saved his life..public were like spectators......He had 2hrs time to escape from Death...unfortunately after heavy bleeding, he expired...

This incident was also seen by his son[my friends bro'] that Boy is studying in 10th Std & he was somewhere in 5th platform when the incident happened..but, he didn't know that, the person who met with an accident was his own father :(

That boy reached home, narrated the incident to his mom & three sisters.....But, within few hours, police came home, asking to identify the body..they identified the body, from Identity Card...

He was on his way to Work........When, uncle, didnt reach on time, Staff called their family..when family said, he left 3hrs back......Everybody have tried for uncle's cell.....but in vain :(

Its always said that, one should not cross railway track..how much ever one may feel difficult, even then, should cross railway bridge....

Atleast, public could ve helped uncle.......Y Didn't they help??

Uncle's Wife is illiterate & she can;t get any job..and he has 4children...3 daughters & 1son...son is youngest of all....Eldest daughter is doing BMS+BCA....So morning she attends BMS lecturers & Evening she attends, BCA lectures.. she is in third year[final year]

Second Daughter is doing BMM...and she takes tutions.......She is in second year

Third Daughter is in Bcom 1st year.......son is in 10th Std now........

ofcourse, college may help them with scholarships..but, how will they lead their life?? Father was the only bread earner.....Father is like a Part of Body...Which cannot be replaced by any1, howmuch ever other relatives r close to them.......

Uncle, had brought many Govt Employment Forms, asking first & second daughter to fill up & give exams...now on August 2nd, she[BMM wali] has one exam.........

Heard that, they come to college from thursday........The girl who is doing dual degree[first daughter] & the second daughter both r my extreme close friends......

Ohh God!!!!!!!!!!!! Please give them Strength & help them to recover soon.....

Ps :- This Incident was narrated by BMM wali classmate.....I shared this in blog, bcoz, atleast others who are in habit of crossig railway tracks...please dont use tracks..use railway brigde.......

Life is Very Precious......Be Careful & Even in Mumbai Monsoon......Everywhere its flooded & in many of the places, drainages r opened......Be Alert & Careful.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Aadmi aur Bikari :)

Few days back got sms from my friend..I really liked it a lot :)

Sms is,

bikari :- aadmi ke paas jaake, 6rupees maangtha hai :)

aadmi :- Y do you want Rs.6/- ??

bikari :- Areyy bhaiii, coffee peena hai...Rs.6 do mujhe :)

aadmi :- ek coffee keliye teen rupaya hotha hai, tujhe che rupaya kyon chayiye??

bikari :- abbeeyyy, mera girl friend bhi hai..usko bhi pilana hai ;)

aadmi :- kyaa?? bikari hoke, girl friend ko bhi rakha hai ?? kya baath hai yaar :-o

bikari :- areyy bhaii!!! girl friend mujhe bikari banadiya :))

Reading to this sms, I couldn't control my laugh!!!!! Lolll!!!!!!!!!!!!

wanted to share this with you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

105 Truths :)

1. Last drink: Coffee

2. Last phone call : Missed/attended?? ;)

3. Last text message: Don’t remember… :P

4. Last song you listened to: Agar tum mil jao -Zeher Movie
5. Last time you cried: Few days back….

Have you ever?...

6. Dated someone twice: nope :)
7.Been cheated on? I don't remember :)

8. Kissed someone & regretted it? No…
9. Lost someone special? A few…. Good Friends

10. Been depressed? Yup….

11. been drunk and threw up? Never

Four Favourite Colors...

12. White

13. Baby Pink

14. Yellow

15. Purple


16. Made new friends: yup….. I love it….
17. Fallen out of love: Sounds funny!!

18. Laughed until you cried: Many times…..
19. Met someone who changed you: Yes….....My Statistics Prof. Deepa Acharya: D
20. Found out who your true friends were: yup…… I feel lucky….. :)
21. Found out someone was talking about you: Many times…..

Have You...
22. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: Nopes
23. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: All
24. How many kids do you want to have: 2.....But, I wish to Adopt or help any orphanage :D

25. Do you have any pets: No

26. Do you want to change your name: Nopes…

27. What did you do for your last birthday: Distributed chocolates, sweets to one orphanage centre :)
28.What time did you wake up today: 8am (Its Sunday)

29. What were you doing at midnight last night: Spoke to my Sis, Mom, listening to some melodious songs :)

30. Name something you CANNOT wait for: Top Secret ;)

31. Last time you saw your father: just now…. Its Sunday….

32. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: Nothing at all…. M a blessed kid…
33. Most visited web page: gmail

What's Your...

34. Name: Don't Remember ;)

35. Nicknames: Nope
36. Zodiac sign: Capricon

37. Gender : Female

38. Elementary: Niveditha School, Bangalore :)

39. School: Niveditha Girl's High School, Bangalore :)
40. Colleges: Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College, Bangalore :) & Ghanshyamdas Sharaf Girls College, Mumbai.
41.Hair color: Black.

42. Long or short: long…

43. Height: 5 feet 2 inches

44. Do you have a crush on someone? Nope

45. Ever been in love? With pets..............

46. Piercings? 1

47. Tattoos? No

48. Righty or lefty: Righty

49. First surgery: Nooooo

50. First piercing: Ear piercing

51. First best friend: Myself
52. First sport you loved: badminton...

53. First pet: Doggy….........

54. First vacation: long back....

55. First concert: Don't remember :)

56. First crush: never

Right Now...

57. Eating: Butter Scotch Ice-cream: D

58. Drinking: Nothing

59. I'm about to: Finish this tag

60. Listening to: Songs

61. Waiting for: Nothing

Your Future...

62. Want kids?: Yeea… I love kids…. They are so like me :D

63. Want to get married?: Not yet............

64. Careers in mind?: Yup, Have a giant list ;) But, After I complete, then will let u know :)

Which is better with the opposite sex...??

65. Lips or eyes: Both….

66. Hugs or kisses: Both in Private

67. Shorter or taller: Taller of course…

68. Older or Younger: Older

69. Romantic or spontaneous: Both…..
70. Nice stomach or nice arms: Both…..

71. Sensitive or loud: Dono

72. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship…

73. Trouble maker or hesitant: None

Have you ever...??

73. Kissed a stranger: Nope

74. Lost glasses/contacts: Nopes…
75. Sex on first Date: Naah

76. Broken someone's heart: Nope

77. Had your own heart broken: Many times..

78. Been arrested: Nopes

79. Turned someone down: Don’t remember, i guess no...
80. Cried when someone died: Yes….....When my close pet died :(

81. Liked a friend that is a girl? S


82. Yourself: Strongly

83. Miracles: Very Strongly

84. God: Very strongly

85. Love at first sight: May be/May not be :)

86. Heaven: Yes

87. Santa Claus: Nope
88. Kiss on the first date? Nope...

89. Angels: Yes... Myself… ;)

90. Devils: yes…….


91. Is there one person you want to be with right now: Yeeah…. :((

92. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time: Nope

93. Wanted to kill someone ever: Nope

94. among your blog mates, whom would you like to kiss? None
95. Committed a blunder and regretted later? I committed many… but no regrets…
96. Wanted to steal your friend's boyfriend / girlfriend? Nope…

97:- Animals :)
98 :- Dresses :- Chudidhar's, Salwar's.....
99:- The Most Lovable Snack: - Chocolates, Ice-Creams :)
100:- Make-up:- Simple Make up :)

101:- To tightly hug Polar Bear :)
102 :- Passion of Riding Pulsar ;) [Especially, like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi]
103 :- Wish to have my House full of pets :)

104:- To Open an Orphanage Centre :)
105 :- To visit Buckingham Palace :)

Well, Few I might ve changed :) But, I ve increased 5more q's.........If any more q's flash me, and then will add.....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mumbai Monsoon :D

Today, was the day of Arrival of Mumbai Monsoon:) In 2009, June 23rd is the day of arrival of Mumbai Monsoon :)

Cow is fully drenched in Rain....Floods everywhere.......Water Logging.......No use of Umbrella's, raincoats......A hectic time, for Students, employees, even for housewives, since they cant step out of the house to purchase provisions, vegetables....but still, they ve to move out...have to place our foot in drainage water......When water logs, then, drainage will be opened, so that water logging gets cleared.....but, drainage water comes out...But, no one get affected with skin diseases or so...very amazing na?? Malaria cases will Increase, b'coz of Mosquito Bites.......

Trains on Slow motion.......People, trying hard to get into their regular trains, but will be unable to do so, bcoz change of time......taking excuses from boses..students asking excuses from lecturers..

Flooded everywhere :D
Kids continue playing even in heavy downpour :D
Here, drainage's will be opened for the rain water to get in..but, rain water gushes in & because of force, drainage water gushes out :( Mumbaikars r forced to step in drainage water and walk ahead :(( But, none gets infected with Skin Diseases :) Its very amazing, but true :)

I would like to share my own experience of last year :D

Last year, Busses, auto-rickshaws were stopped so available transportation facility was Local Train :D Me and my friends were holding each others hand tightly and started walking in that flooded area to reach Malad Stn. Somehow, we managed to reach Stn..but, I had to take churchgate bound train & my friends had to take Virar Bound Train:) Somehow, I reached Goregaon Stn safely :)

But, when I was getting down the stairs, I saw people standing on the stairs, bcoz the water was heavily flooded :( but, I wanted to rush home :) bcoz, there was no network and couldn't contact my parents nor they were able to contact me :( Somehow, I managed to get down the stairs and had to walk on road :)

Then, shopkeeper said, Behenji, Math jaayiye..vahape drainage khula hai..yaha pe drainage kaha kula hai vo bhi nahi patha chaltha hai :( even then, praying God, I went.

Public helped me..but I had to walk till Gokuldham 4m Goregaon Stn :(( I took 1hr45mins to walk in that flodded area.....This tym, friends were not with me :( Somehow, reached home, parents were extremely worried :) ohh God :) Mumbai Monsoon is terrible :( But, people need water......so, it should rain for 4months and another 8months no rain :)

There will be delay in take off and landing :) Can find, flooded people in Airport :(

Uffff!!!!!!!!!!!! What A Monsoon it is ??

Ps:- Dear friends, I have shared my own experience and also about Mumbai Monsoon :D one should experience this, atleast once in a life time :) I Really Love the Way Mumbai Is :D Above pictures were taken from online :D

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dare Devils!!!!

Today, Me & mom had been to Dadar :) I came across many incidents :) B4 going to Dadar, we went to Malad Municipal Mkt had some shopping :D After shopping when we came out saw a lady sitting in middle of the road saying, some younger youth purposely pushed her, she fell down. Public ruthlessly thrashed that person. Ladies r Dare Devils in Mumbai :D

Another Incident was In Dadar :) A person, purposely touched a younger woman by pushing her & walking ahead. She was standing aside talking on phn...she slapped that person.Me & mom were standing there, opening our umbrellas from bag, to protect ourselves from Mumbai Monsoon :)

Ahhh....I saw Ferocious faces in both the case :D Ladies r Dare Devils :) I really appreciate their braveness :D

Whether its a Male or Female, one should be extremely careful in public places..

Well, wanted to share about these incidents :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Letter To A Loved One

Hi Sweet heart,

As the days and years are passing like a cloud some of us forget, to share the unforgettable moments spent with our loved one and of course we forget to thank them for giving such unforgettable wonderful days in our life. Even though it’s human nature, it’s our duty to set a small reminder in heart to thank our beloved ones when they leaving us.

Now its time for me to share my thoughts about the minutes which we spend together and thank you for the same. Today it’s your birthday, the day which I was waiting eagerly for the whole year. I dedicate all the flowers blossomed today and all the blessings of god to you. Wish you a happy and prosperous birthday dear.

To be frank I am not much happy today as I was before on all your birthdays, only because you want to make this same day for an another wonderful occasion in your life……. Yes I mean it to your “Marriage” only. Hope now you are well matured to decide your life with wedding bells. I don’t know how to react because today is the day I found myself confused whether I have to show my tear or smile. The point which I was sure is, not to make you to feel uncomfortable and cry while leaving me. I am confident that I can smile even when was crying much loudly inside my heart. I thank god for giving this ability for me.

I am surprised of fate or practically called as coincidence that we met each other was also on your birthday, the day I realized Aishwarya Rai was not the only beautiful woman in this world but here is another one to compete with her. Your erotic eyes, half an apple cheeks on either sides, soft hair that fights with air, the cuteness you had on your face made me feel the leisure of heaven with a mild music. I was introduced to you by your mother but you are least bothered about me, not even a small smile.

The moment I found a drop of tear falling from your eyes, I recognized that you are in some problem, but you started crying loudly. You are such a stupid who doesn’t have an ability to control the feelings when meeting a person for the first time. Finally I managed to make you to smile and laugh louder at me by making funny reactions and crazy sounds even though you don’t know that I was a good mimicry artist.

That’s the moment when you hold my ring finger with your soft hand; from that I understand that you like me very much. I said to myself, “Here is your angel, don’t leave her alone at any cost. You are the one appointed by god to take care of her and made her life beautiful. It’s your duty to make bliss in her life each and every minute”. This was the oath too, I took on that day and I hope I have made justice for this statement till this moment.

When days passed on we came closer and closer. Our relationship turns into a tight knot that made me to feel I was totally addicted to be with you. Travelling in a life journey is lot of fun... you know speed thrills, but in the worst case scenario we may be take diversion sign and mad on someone. I never expected that I will go such crazy on you. Just for your cute kiss I used to pay for an ice-cream whenever you like. Some days it was raining and I rushed to shop to buy ice-cream even when I was full wet in rain. I love to watch the impatience on your face when you hurry to tear the cover to taste it.

Hope you wont forget the those days that ice-cream got smashed over almost 70% percent of your face, and you asked me "Am I eating dirty?”. Even it was the fact I always used to nodded my head from left to right and say "No dear.... Not at all".

Until your entered in my life I hated travelling and I was a full time book worm. At any cost I have to admit that I love travelling now only because you will hold my hands tightly and fall asleep on my shoulder. I loved those moments. The interesting part of our journey was you looked at me with a dirty feel without admitting that it was your fault, because you are the one who vomited on my shirt.

I felt bad at times when you met failures or disappointments but I use to thank the god for giving me such an opportunity to show all my care and attention on you in that situations and every time use to tell the same bored dialogue for you “Don’t worry dear, it happens. Am always there for you”. I pray more to bring success in your life and pray little to give me these kinds of chances at least once in a while to show my love and affection on you.

At this moment I have to defiantly mention about your shopping skill dear. Uff…. Those are the days I just believed girls are always girls. For gods shake I am blessed, not to work as sales man in Life style, Pantaloons and Khadims. When ever you started asking “Hi Dear…. I need a new sandals and an Anarkali Chudi…. Can you come with me for shopping?? Because you are one who can select a good one for me”. (Even we both know the final selection will be yours).That was the moment my soul speaks to me “Hi…. Today half a fate starts to you and full fate starts to the salesman” because I am sure even anarkali won’t take 6-7 hours to choose a chudi but you will do that for one anarkali chudi. Won’t you agree??? But I love to be with you on those moments with a smiling face and use to tell “Take your own time dear, will be with you until you find the perfect one”.

I practiced myself to dance in rain only because you love the same. I understand you are scared of darkness and thunder, but I use to pray to be with you in such situations only because you will give me a tight hug for ever thunder in dark night with or without your knowledge. The best thing in my part of life was the moments you feed food for me only because I have feed a mouth full of food for you. The fights we had on those occasions made us to shout at each other only to prove who has more love on another. As I was grown older and elder than you, you remind my mother who had feed me with love and affection. And I realized those are moments where younger become older and older become younger.

I never ever forget those memorable nights which I spend with you darling because am the one and only care taker of you even though you grown older. I love to watch while you sleeping on my chest for almost half the night. Of course that was the moment I realized that I was not all a bathroom singer but I can make a person to sleep calmly by singing. May be the reason would be “Its better to sleep rather than hearing my boring song” but I have no other go because am not even a 1% Sidney sheldon to say good stories.

There was some misunderstanding between us too. We are not the exception for the ego and clash. But the interesting part was it won’t exceed more than a day or two. Every time final result would be you are into my arms and we kissed each other on our foreheads with a word “Am sorry, Forgive me dear”. We both could not hide our emotions at those times. You then lied over my shoulders and cried till there were no more tears left from your eyes and we use to say each other “This should not happen again”.

Even though your mother was little jealous of our relationship she admits and use to say that “I was the best thing that happened in your life to make you happy forever”. A sincere thank to her who understand our relationship clearly and let us to go in our way.

God must be crazy," He gave me the most valuable gift to me, and it’s you..... But he is ready to take you away from me as the way he gave me suddenly in the name of marriage and made me to cry again not once, not twice, but forever for you”. It’s no matter for god to do like this and the final loser would be me, only me. Its time for god to fill the antonym of my sadness as an answer to another lucky guy’s happiness. Hope god won't believe in give and take policy because he is going to take you away from me without giving anything to me other than your memories.

Since this world is small I know you will meet me once in a while and am sure that your love and affection towards me won’t get reduced at any cost only because there is another person in your life to show love and care on you. It’s your wedding day today. It’s party time now. So no more hearty feelings but just I thought to share what all I felt. As you wish you have got an ideal partner to share your life.

Finally I need a favor from you dear, Please forgive me if I hurt you in any way and do remember that “Am always there for you and am longing for your love”. Don’t cry when you leaving me because I will loose my confidence that I can live without you and please leave a smile at me which was powerful enough to take control over any kind of emotions of mine.

It’s a fact that we won’t express our feelings in words when our loved one is with us. Now its time for me to say in words how important to me you are. Hope you guessed who am I now…………..












Yes, I was your crazy dad who had not said the below words to you for these many years. Here I go….. "You are hardly nailed into my heart! I love you so much more than anything in this world, Miss you so much dear!!!" .Today is your day…… Day is going to filled with honey bunches and tons of flowers ………Time for your wedding bells, Happy married life my dear sweet daughter. Cheers….!

Today I have to return home only with your memories when you could no more to welcome me with arms open wide to hug me when I open the door but where ever you go you are mine. My sincere prayers and blessings are always there for you.

With Love,



Ps :- This was a forwarded mail sent by my friend & I really extremely liked this letter a lot & felt like sharing with blog buddies too :)

I had composed a poem, on occasion of Father's Day in my poetry blog :) If any1 likes to read, click here.