Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Bad Fate.

Cold Chill Dark Night. Owls, Wild Dogs. In Mid Of All These, Stood Couple In Waves. Waves Repeatedly Washed Their Foot. Their House Was Nearest To Beach. She Was Wearing White T-Shirt & Shaded Jeans.She Was Wearing A Red-TShirt & 3/4th Pant. Both Had Excellent Understanding, Caring To Each Other. Everyone, Were Very Curious About Their Bond & Relationship. They Enjoyed A Lot & Went Home.

One Fine Day, He Got A Project & Had To Go To Other Country. She Had A Bond Of 5years & Couldn't Accompany Him For The First Time. Unfortunately, For The First Time, They Were Separated. He Promised That, He Will Be Back Very Soon.

They Both Studied In Same School, College. Did Their Post Graduation Together In The Same University.

For Few Days, Everything Was Going On Fine. They Were Talking Frequently On Phone. But, One Day, She Tried Many Times For His Cell. But, Recorded Message Was Saying, "The Customer You Are Trying To Reach Is Unavailable. Please Try Again Later."

She Was Extremely Tensed & Worried. She Contacted His Friend. His Friend Searched For Him. The Very Next Morning, In The Newspaper, Accident News Was On The Very First Page. His Friend Was Shocked To See His Friend's Spot Death Because Of Accident.

This Was The Very Bad Fate Day Of Their Relationship. 

PS :- Dearies, This Is A Imaginary Story.