Sunday, August 30, 2009

Strong Friendship Bond :D

Yesterday I Had A Marathon Talk With My Friend & She Was Sharing Her Strong Friendship Bond :D

She Has 60 people in her group..I Mean, They all studied in same school from nursery to 10th Std. Few Also Studied In Same Junior Colleges & Some Were In different colleges :D

Few Have gone outside state as well. But, They All Will Have Group Video Chat Either In Yahoo Or Skype As Per Their Convenience :D Its That, If Any Has Birthday, They All Sit Online By 10pm & Will Celebrate Birthday :D They Sit Online Because, My Friend Is Here & All others are in Blore. She Doesn't Feel as a left out :D Those 60 occupy themselves in 6houses, who has Webcam & In Each House, 10ppl will Stay :D

First All Parents Will Chat, Then Comes The Chance of Kids :D They Tease, Crack Jokes, Enjoy A lot :D This will be done, once in 15days that too, on Saturday :D They All Spend Nearly 4-5hrs, chatting online :D Bcoz All 60 should share their 15days experiences.....

Back To Birthday Celebration, When its Sharp 12.00am, That Girl/Guy Cut The Cake, SO My Friend can see their celebration through online :D If any1 is busy & cannot attend video chat, Then The Very next day, friends will call up & enquire, whether they he/she was ill & Could not attend the Video Chat :D

Guys Go To Guys House To Stay & Girls To Girls House To Stay :D So If Any Guy Is Ill, His friend group will visit & Let know the girls, about his condition & Vice Versa :D Bcoz their parents r strict. These people, Have Not told their parents that, They Chat With Guys As Well :D So, Once The Parents of Guys, Complete Their Talks, Guys, Will Immediately Sms or Give A Miss Call To Any Girl. Then, She Tells Her parents, to take a leave, so that friends Can Chat :D Once Their Parents Leave, All Girls & Guys, Start Their Talks :D

By Listening To This, I Was Very Jealous Of Her Friends' group...But, Was Also Very Proud Of Her :D They All Are Within Limits & Never Let Their Parents Know, That Guys Are talking to Girls As well & Vice Versa :D

2Years Back, When She had been to Blore, Guys Had booked tickets For Race Movie & Also Had arranged for lunch in a Good Restaurant :D This Year, She Couldn't Meet, Bcoz of Her Short Stay..But Met, Few Of Them :D

Ps :- Dearies, I May Not Have Shared this story in a Proper sequence. Whatever came to my mind wrote that, hope You people, try to understand this :D From now on, I Have made it a point that, I Will be Regular In This Blog As Well :D

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Ganesh Chathurthi :)

Wish You All A Very Happy Swarna Gauri Vrath & Ganesh Festival :) Jai Ganesh :D