Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Woman

In the midst of moon lit snow covered mountains
under star filled skies in cool night air
hiding behind the beauty of the universe
a woman cries softly in the corner of a small room
drenched in sadness she tracks melancholy footprints
through the souls of those she touches
she does not mean to, but the hurt is there
those that have hurt her are there
and so she sobs softly.

She cries until there are no more tears
and when there are no more tears
she returns to the strong image
that she has always portrayed to others
Not realizing that others feel the same
Not realizing that she could reach out
But she can't

The loveless marriage, the frightened children
they are but a mirror of her own life
and to shatter that mirror would be to shatter herself
She longs to shatter herself, this image, this facade
But this mirror is what holds the entire reflection of her life
She is afraid to let it go

To let it go, to see it shatter
would be to not know what she is
She is pain and while she no longer wants it
to not have it is to not understand
what the last 10 years of her life have been
But in that sadness in that small room
she breaks a pact she had made long ago

She is no longer a woman that doesn't deserve
As time has progressed so has she
and she knows the time has come
With mascara stained cheeks she gathers her children
from their beds and dresses them quietly
This will be last time she cries in that small room

Leaving with her children in each hand she looks up
and realizes that for the first time in a long time
she is not separate from happiness
and that happiness was there all along
if she had, had the courage to live it

No longer hiding behind the veil of the universe
Under a star filled sky in the cool night air
In the midst of moon lit snow covered mountains
She realizes that without the man who ruled her
she is complete
She realizes that without the man
she will never feel alone again.

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