Tuesday, July 14, 2009


After so long time, Back to this blog :)

Recently, one of my friend's Father Expired in TRAIN Accident on 8th July :(

He was crossing a Railway Track, in Borivilli, 8th Platform[New Platform].......Announcement was not made about the arrival of engine....even Motorman, also didn't horn...When that engine approached nearer to this person, horn was made...Uncle, thought that, train is coming from far away...but unfortunately, it was extremely nearer to him & he was hit by that engine with a great force...he flew high up & then fell down....He had suffered from Minor Injuries on his forehead & also back of the head.....

But, None of the public saved his life..public were like spectators......He had 2hrs time to escape from Death...unfortunately after heavy bleeding, he expired...

This incident was also seen by his son[my friends bro'] that Boy is studying in 10th Std & he was somewhere in 5th platform when the incident happened..but, he didn't know that, the person who met with an accident was his own father :(

That boy reached home, narrated the incident to his mom & three sisters.....But, within few hours, police came home, asking to identify the body..they identified the body, from Identity Card...

He was on his way to Work........When, uncle, didnt reach on time, Staff called their family..when family said, he left 3hrs back......Everybody have tried for uncle's cell.....but in vain :(

Its always said that, one should not cross railway track..how much ever one may feel difficult, even then, should cross railway bridge....

Atleast, public could ve helped uncle.......Y Didn't they help??

Uncle's Wife is illiterate & she can;t get any job..and he has 4children...3 daughters & 1son...son is youngest of all....Eldest daughter is doing BMS+BCA....So morning she attends BMS lecturers & Evening she attends, BCA lectures.. she is in third year[final year]

Second Daughter is doing BMM...and she takes tutions.......She is in second year

Third Daughter is in Bcom 1st year.......son is in 10th Std now........

ofcourse, college may help them with scholarships..but, how will they lead their life?? Father was the only bread earner.....Father is like a Part of Body...Which cannot be replaced by any1, howmuch ever other relatives r close to them.......

Uncle, had brought many Govt Employment Forms, asking first & second daughter to fill up & give exams...now on August 2nd, she[BMM wali] has one exam.........

Heard that, they come to college from thursday........The girl who is doing dual degree[first daughter] & the second daughter both r my extreme close friends......

Ohh God!!!!!!!!!!!! Please give them Strength & help them to recover soon.....

Ps :- This Incident was narrated by BMM wali classmate.....I shared this in blog, bcoz, atleast others who are in habit of crossig railway tracks...please dont use tracks..use railway brigde.......

Life is Very Precious......Be Careful & Even in Mumbai Monsoon......Everywhere its flooded & in many of the places, drainages r opened......Be Alert & Careful.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Aadmi aur Bikari :)

Few days back got sms from my friend..I really liked it a lot :)

Sms is,

bikari :- aadmi ke paas jaake, 6rupees maangtha hai :)

aadmi :- Y do you want Rs.6/- ??

bikari :- Areyy bhaiii, coffee peena hai...Rs.6 do mujhe :)

aadmi :- ek coffee keliye teen rupaya hotha hai, tujhe che rupaya kyon chayiye??

bikari :- abbeeyyy, mera girl friend bhi hai..usko bhi pilana hai ;)

aadmi :- kyaa?? bikari hoke, girl friend ko bhi rakha hai ?? kya baath hai yaar :-o

bikari :- areyy bhaii!!! girl friend mujhe bikari banadiya :))

Reading to this sms, I couldn't control my laugh!!!!! Lolll!!!!!!!!!!!!

wanted to share this with you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!