Saturday, January 31, 2009

When You......

When you're online
I feel
Like you're
sitting right opposite me

I close my eyes and
reach out for your hand

But all I find is my mouse pad

And then I type to you,
telling you about my day

Anxiously awaiting your response
as I wish we didn't live so far away

But it's amazing what our feelings can do

Sometimes I swear I could feel
myself right next to you

Cause when we chat through a cable

The feeling is just unbelievable

I am as lost as can be in your words

And you make me feel like
we're in our own perfect world

When we chat I'm so sure
I can hear

You calling out for me,my Dear,

And when we both are sitting
at our computers without
anything to say.

I can almost hear you calling out for me,
from miles away

When we chat I'm so sure

That I have found what

I've been searching for

And somehow I know it's true

I've found everything I want in you


shastri007 said...

nice kane.. who is the lucky cht boy!!

siddz2005 said...

hi nice one yaar ....

rp.sahana said...

@Shastri, Thanks a Lot..But innu yaaru sikilla..its just based on my imagination..neen helirodu nodi bere avaru tappu tiladhre kashta..u r kididng.....I know!!

rp.sahana said...

@Siddz, Thanks a Lot!!

sowmya said...

hey nice 1 pa.......a very gud imagination and sumtims its true,alva.....

rp.sahana said...

Hu kane Soumya...U r absolutely correct!! Jaani neenu:)