Friday, January 16, 2009

Real Facts Of Day To Day Life!!

Many of us call our close hearted people as Honey[Normally calling life partners as Honey], Darling, Sweetie, Sweet Heart, Darling, Baby[Not only Infants], Dear!!
Even, the people[unknown] also call other person as Dear!!

Do they know the exact meaning of it?? DO they know the significance of it?? Do they know when to call as Dear?? Do they know when to address as Dear??

Even, Lecturers, Prof's address Students as Dear Students!! nowadays, the generation is such that, to whomsoever we come across address them as Dear.........

Even, we have forgotten to address our own relation as ದೊಡಮ್ಮ, [mom's elder sis], ಅಥೆ [Mom's Bro's wife], ಚಿಕಮ್ಮ[mom's younger sis], so on and so forth...Rather we, address all people[Including cousins & Relatives] as Aunt & Uncle...We are not addressing them as bua, badimaa & also maid servant as Aunt!! Even they r also humanbeing, but still, when we ve such beautiful names given by our ancestors to address our relations, cousins as Bua, dadi, dada, naana,naani,

Y this is happening?? Is this a Fashion?? जैसे कपदोंका फैशन रहता है वय्से बातों का फैशन!! हिरोइन जो पेहेंथी है उपर एक, निचे एक, वय्से बातों का फैशन कब से शुरू हुआ??

We ourselves r spoiling by exposing our body parts.......In our Nursery, we all have studied that, clothing is necessary to cover our body from heat & cold[as per the weather conditions]...But r we following?? nope, never ever in our life!!

If some1 has covered their body, calls them as Aunt[Which is Most Famous here]..No brains nothing. Least Bothered about education!! Always, boy friends or girl friends के पीछे करो वाही है मुंबई का लाइफ in case of few!! I am not talking about a particular person.....I'm in general!!
Mumbai people, If I ve said anything wrong or ve commented such statements, wherein u feel bad of me, I am sorry!! I cant help it..What all I ve seen from the day I came here..the same thing I am expressing!!

A school guy, aged[14-16yrs,not even crossed majority] fall in love!! I dont understand, Y people r spoiling their minds.....24/7 प्यार प्यार प्यार!! प्यार में एक बार फस गया थो ज़िन्दगी आग लग्जायेगी!!

Many r like use & Throw!! Don't believe any..believe God, urself,ur parents and siblings & if u ve any trust worthy friends!!

Get graduation done..Go for higher studies...ख़ुद का कमाई करो!!Prove urselves what u r !! be the normal citizens....don't get categorized under such categories, wherein people point out and say, areeyyyyy this person, don't talk anything[about this person],totally rubbish spoiled person!!
Lead Life with the hard earned money!! Have ur own property..Don't depend on Husbands!! Eventhough we have got Independence, and generation has changed a lot, In same places, We still find Male Domination!!but still, in places females r secured and in some not at all secured!!
Women education is necessary.....may be in any medium!! but still, in some part, females r not given permission to study further after 10th..rather they r sent to household work or any sort of work wherein, they can support their family[on Monetary Basis]!!

I understand that, we r not living for the sake of others, rather we are living for the sake of ourselves!! Life of Human is very precious[Its more than a DIAMOND] lead ur life in a purified manner[I don't mean to say, become saints] Be Good Hearted, Humble,lovable,Caring, respectable, memorable person!!

These r my views,thoughts, opinions, so on & so forth!!

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