Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hmmm....Today was a turning point for me....Its bcoz, it was the day which had to announce about my 4th sem, results..Well, as usual, I was fast asleep, got sms by my friend reminding me saying,

Hello Dear, Wonderful Good Morning..Today our 4th sem results will be announced after 12pm..don't get panic..u always do well in what all u do..u
r a scholar!!!!! so nothing to worry!! Be calm, cool & happy..I know u r in deep sleep..but, I know u scold me for disturbing ur sleep!!

Well, when some is in deep sleep with chweet dreams with zero tensions, suddenly some Atom Bomb is thrown..then, what feeling a sleeping person may get?? Obviously That person will be panicked......In the same manner, even I too got scared......but, funny thing is, since I was in Deep Sleep, My eyes were half opened, & I replied something to her and I checked, whether I ve written everything correctly or not[since I was in Deep Sleep]...and again I slept :)

Now, Mom's Alarm....Started screaming, oh God!!!!!! how will I tell my daughter to wake up early?? Came to my room, howling......Y don't u get up early?? do u know what day is today??

Me :-Mom, Plzzzz another 5mins more...I will get up!!!!! U don't get tensed......

Mom:- Today is Wednesday, 22nd April 2009.

Me :- Soooo.....whats special?? Is there any religious festival??

Mom :- Oh my Gooooddddd!!!!!! Today is ur Result Day[In high Pitch]

Me :- Ohhhhh Areeeyyy Bhagawan!!!!!!!Throwed my bread spread got up wrong side.......later on realised that I got up wrong side......Face covered with hairs....pushed my hairs aside and got on wrong side :(

then I washed my face, again read sms sent by my friend and then I realised & understood that, what she had sent and what I had replied her!! I had replied her saying, hey I am still lying on bed..had very nice dreams...night I had slept very late..so will get up shortly.....she had said about results and I had replied her foolishly!!!!!!!! LOLzzzz

Then got ready, prayed to God....Went to college, saw, marks list, hurraayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I successfully completed my 4th sem, securing Distinction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yeppiiiieeeeee.....................First, I called up my Dad..and told him that, I ve got Distinction, he passed on to mom and others!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom, prepared Mysore Pak and had brought, Butter Scotch Ice-cream........Dad & Mom gave me a warm hug.......chooo chweeeetttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice of You My Dear Parents!! :)

Hello Folks, this Electronic Ice-Cream is exclusively for my Readers, Bloggers, near & Dear One's!!!!! Relish this Gud Bud E-Ice-cream leisurely ;)

I was so much excited that, I couldn't control my excitement until my Dad's arrival to home from office!! All through the day, wishes came pouring in from my friends, cousins, relatives, neighbor's, & from all my Near & Dear one's!!

Many of my Near & Dear One's Asked for a Sweet, then, I said, I already, had it........But, they said, we will give u sweet for your Hard work!!!!!!!!!!! every1 works hard to Succeed, that's sure.......but, I had to struggle extremely hard with great effort, since I had completed my schooling & Junior college from Bangalore!!

Since, Dad got transferred, we moved here and teaching methods are comparatively different......of course, I had chosen, commerce in my Junior college, but still, teaching methods, portions and all were comparatively different from Bangalore...So I had to read Mumbai University Books of Junior College, then had to take up the books of my graduation....First year, I felt extremely hard, since here, everything was new including people, city, atmosphere, people's behavior, life style in Mumbai.....So had to struggle extremely hard to adjust!!

I had shared about
Life in Mumbai And Life At local Railway Station in my older posts...if u have missed it, u can click on the topics.....


Rohini Kulkarni said...


Anonymous said...

i am so proud of you!!!!

*big hug to you* :D god bless!!

may you keep achieving like this in life and reach greater heights..

thanks for the icecream ..its was yummy.. :D

Creativity!! said...

@ Rohini Kulkarni :- Ohhhhh!!!!!! Thankssss a Lot Baby!!!!

Creativity!! said...

@ Pink Orchid :- May U Live Long for 100yrs!!!!! I remembered u, thinking, where this Pink Orchid went?? Nowadays I am missing her a lot...but she didn't turn up!!!!! Immediately I saw ur comment....I was so much excited that, I screamed Hurraayyyyyyyyyy Inside My Heart & Soul!!!!!!!!

hmmm.....Wowwwwwww Chooo chweeeeet Warm Hug!!!!!!!!! I really felt & loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a Lot for your Wishes Dear!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chweeet Warm Hugs to u tooooo :D

Pallav said...

May God Bless uu..
Mysore Pak..hmmmm....

BTW..why u hv stopped visiting my blog..anythng wrong...???
hv fun n cheers

PD said...

Great news Sahana.. Congratulation.. :)
Wish you good luck for your future..

Creativity!! said...

@ Pallav :- I ve not stopped visiting ur Blog!! I was updating every1's blog...Since I went Blore, there system was too slow..and was not getting tym to check out..after I came here, was busy in some work..but, from now, will update...Extremely Sorry..I shall update with all blogs & posts:)

Creativity!! said...

@ Pallav:- Thanks a Lot for your Wishes :)

Creativity!! said...

@ PD :- Thanks a Lot for ur Wishes:)

siddz2005 said...

congz ..... gud one

Creativity!! said...

@ Siddz :- Thanks a Lot :)

angelrev said...

hey congrats..!;) i know its very hard in mumbai... but ur doing great there..!:)