Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Teacher.......Student :)

Teacher :- Helloooooo Students, Wonderful Good Morning :) [Says vth a broad smiley face].

Students :- Helllooooo Maaaaammm, Wonderful Gooooooooood Morningggggggg[screaming at top of the roof]

Teacher :- All of u take ur seats......

Students :- our seats r with us:) how can mam take & give back our seats or how can we exchange our seats vth each other??[murmuring]

Teacher :- Well, class.......

Students :- ohhh helll, y she is saying class..is class listening or students listening to her[she might ve gone mad..bcoz offfff......April 1st]

Teacher :- Studentsssss, Take out your economics note book & give the date as April 1st...

Students :- Maam what about heading, we mean topic??

Teacher :- That will be said by you people.. I'm not spoon feeding any student present over here[with a strict tone]....

Students :- oh goddd...r we absent..cant u c us sitting with our own seats ;) [again she has gone mad]

Teacher :- again started murmuring..what's wrong with ur class 2day ha?? I cant really understand x-(.........[again at top of the roof]

Students :- Areeeey maam, not class..its students..bechara class ko kyon daat rahi hai?? class tho kitna accha se construct hua hai:( oh god, she is standing on floor and saying under standing....she doesnt know english :D

Teacher :- Yessss......Now....3rd Bench, Boy sitting near the wall..Stand up x-(

Student[3rd bench boy] :- Maam[vth shivering voice]

Teacher :- u boy, tell me what day is 2day??

other students :- murmuring, obviously he is a boy, any doubt in his sexual orientation??

Student[3rd Bench boy] :- Maam, 2day is April 1st[again vth shivering voice].

Teacher :- u fooolllll.....I didn't ask u the Dateeeee?? class Did I ask u the datee??

other Students :- Noooo maaaam[shouting] but saying, arey aa ladka kiske saath date keliye gaya tha, maam aise kyon pooch rahi hai?? maam kudh fool hogayi hai, aur isko pooch rahi hai ;) kya baath hai:P[murmuring amongst themselves]

Teacher :- yess..come on give me the answer, don't waste time x-(

Student[3rd bench boy] :- Maam, its April Foooolllll Day :)

other Students :-hahaahahahaaaaa........Laughing Loudly with a great applause :)

Teacher :- Stop This Non-sense X-(..how dare u to say this..idiot..stupid fellow, besharam....nalayak.....get out of my classsssss.....

Student [3rd bench boy] :- Maaam, I'm Extremely sorrry maam[tears filled]..

Teacher :- This is economics class & I' m in charge of economics.Do u know meaning of economics?? what all does economics consists of?? How can u give non-sense answer?? Give me authentic answer X-(. [with loud anger voice]

Students :- Laughing :)

Teacher :- strictly saying, now, who will give me the answer?? if anyone gives wrong answer, should write imposition for 60 times & should submit to me along with parents signature x:(

Students :- ohh goddd, she is extremely angry [but she looks good in anger, since her cheeks r tomato red:P]

One Girl [with a decent innocent melodious voice] :- Mam, Today is RBI's Birthday..It was established on 1st April, 1935..completed 75years successfully[others amazingly looking at her fairy face]

Teacher :- Wooowww....Thats Great :) Atleast one student knows what day is 2day:P Amazing girl....[says hugging her]......

Other students :- asking teacher, So maam 2day's topic is about RBI is it??

Teacher :- Yes, My Dear Students, 2days, topic is RBI[with a cool broad smiley face]

Students :- Laughed.........Laughed......laughed

Teacher :- Sighed.....With a Great Relief :P

Ps :- Today, we all might ve tried to fool others, rather than reminding ourselves that, today is the birthday of RBI :) Central Bank:) Which regulates & controls the financial Operations of India :) I wanted to describe and remind all of u with a small skit[taking an example of student & teacher]. Without the existence of RBI, we all can't survive[since its the Life Blood for the circulation of money]..We all should be thankful to all the RBI employees, deployed at different branches[states & cities]. Hats off to all employees who r helping citizens of India in the day-today transaction, by inspecting & controlling other banks, Since "RBI is Bankers Bank".


ShantanuDas said...

WOW!! what a funny piece.. and while I was busy laughing.. I too came to know about RBI!! Gosh how did you know? were u that girl in the class??? hey??

Creativity!! said...

NOpe, I was not the girl:) I just took a skit to thank and wish RBI employees:)

ShantanuDas said...

ahh..ok.. btw i also saw you belong to RBI Family in another message so got my answer... hehe!

Creativity!! said...

oh ho:) U searched answer for ur question by urself..Great:) Well Done:) Excellent:) Keep It Up:)

ShantanuDas said...


Creativity!! said...