Thursday, April 2, 2009

Love Is A Sweetest Poison ;)


This was the add which I saw on a Taxi while I was on my way back to Mumbai from Pune..Is it true that Love is Sweetest Poison?? May be or may not be....I can say like Probability, chance of occurrence/happening......

Well, here goes the conversation :-

She -: Calls his cell in morning by 7'0 clock :)

He -:
The airtel subscriber you have called is switched off.....If u r a airtel costumer, leave ur voice sms here, just for Rs. 75p/min :)

She -: Oh Shut, this idiot always switch off his cell x-(

He :-
Calls her by 11' 0 clock :)

She :- The vodafone subscriber you have called is switched off..please try again later:)

He -:
Oh Shut, Why this Sweet Devil Switch off her cell.....I really don't understand x-)

She :-
Switch on her cell by 2pm & calls him :)

He -: Hi Dear, I'm busy now..I will recharge & call u after some time..I had called u by 11am, u had switched off..What will I do?? anyways, call u after sometime..listening to blah...blah...blah....he ends the call.....knowing call summary to be 02:01.

She -:
always work x-( As though I'm irresponsible about my work..Stupid..Besharam...Nalayak...always does the same..he never changes his answer..same dialogue..same tone...x-( more than me, his colleagues r important to him..If I ve work, even then I should talk, but he never ever tries to understand my feeling x-(

He -: calls back to her, unable of controlling himself.....

She -:
Don't talk to me..go..U dont ve time to talk to me..If u have off, even then u can't..keep on roaming with other gf's 24/7 x-(

He -:
Oh Darling Baby, Calm down..calm down Sweet Heart ;) I myself was unable to control emotions, feelings so I came out of my chamber & called u...Don't be so angry on me..I like You very much na..So i can't tie my mouth without hearing to ur sweet voice :)

She -:
Not Sweet Voice,Now its Poisonous Voice, U idiot..It hapnd b'coz of u...

He -:
oh!! chooooo chweeet....Poisonous Voice...woowww...Soooo yummmy....I love it :)

She -:
U r not at all scared of me..stupid, idiot, Besharam, Nalayak;)

He -:
Baby, I love these words very much especially, when I hear from u;)

She -:
Ok, go now, go back to work..Work is Worship..Even I'm also in college..I can't talk for long hours..

He & She -: enjoying their lovely talks, poisonous talks, exchanging their anger, making each other coooolllll, went back to their work :)

Even though, her voice was poisonous b'coz of anger, since he didn't call her nor didn't speak to her properly, he loves her voice[anger,soft,melodious,romantic]..So, I feel that, This add, Love Is Sweetest Poison is 1000times True:)

Ps -:Love is an Ironic Situation, happening..which needs a great experience to explain..... Since I don't ve personal experience, unable to do it in a most attractive manner..The above conversation is based on my imagination, creativity..One needs a good amount of experience to express it in a modern way..Hope this conversation, didn't boar any1..


ShantanuDas said...

Hi..where did you land up from at my blog? But good that you did.. though I am more into photography nowadays.. once I used to write.. on my blogs too... now I do not because my writing has taken a turn into other areas [no here in blogs] but I like to read thoughts of people.. and your blog is full of that!..

And all your three blogs are very well designed with soft colours and pretty pictures.. gives me an impression of having entered someone's well kept house! You are creative!! Apt name!

Love.. is Something beyond words... :-)

Creativity!! said...

Hi :) To be frank, I myself I don't know, how I discovered ur blog :(

first I entered into 1 of ur blog, there I read as, no more posting here, if u want to read go to this link[u has said this] so I clicked on that link, entered into Buckingham Palace of urs and spent nearly 2hrs in reading and seeing those beautiful, awesome, photography, read almost all posts, but i think, I commented on only 1post..its an Immense pleasure to visit ur blog and 4m now onwards, will visit, frequently :) Thanks a lot for ur Encouraging, Motivating comment :)

Pallav said...

the best prt is i think the conversation...
u r really creative..
didnt get it is fictious ??


Creativity!! said...

@ Pallav :- Thanks a lot:) I composed conversation based on my imagination:)