Monday, September 29, 2008

Life in Mumbai

“Life in Mumbai is Hectic & Routine” is what every Mumbaikar would say when asked for an opinion. Compare the life in Mumbai with that in a village. One gets up to start his day with chemicals-toothpaste whereas a villager would opt for a humble neem stick. From morning it is a ‘Get-Set-Go’ procedure. Either to go to office, or college or school or workplace, it is a mad rush. One does not have the time to stand & think. The city makes you absolutely emotionless. How many people do we see who are ready to help accident victims? We only keep complaining that no one is ready to help accident victims, least realizing that we ourselves do not help.
It is work & work the whole day. This city never sleeps. You can see people & lots of them even late at night. The people are crazy. One can find people carrying transistor radios to work so that they keep up with the cricket scores, still others standing outside electronic goods shop watching the latest proceedings on the television screens. They enjoy when India wins. And people burst crackers which is unique to this city.
Bomb Scare or no Bomb Scare, Life goes on. Thousands of people enter the city of fortunes everyday from different parts of the country with a hope to make it big one day. How can Mumbai be complete without Udupi Restaurants & local Vadapav/BhelPuri/PaaniPuri/Pan Masala Stalls?
On Sundays also, one finds enough crowds on the streets. The week days give the mad rush to catch the earliest possible local train. In fact, one can conveniently say that, ONCE YOU STAY HERE FOR A FEW YEARS YOU NEVER LIKE TO LEAVE THE PLACE, though the Life in Mumbai is Hum-Drum, Hectic, and Routine. There is no Freshness, no real Joy. Everything is Artificial. Even the Smiles on the Faces of Mumbaikars are Unnatural. But after one comes to Mumbai in his/her teenage or after 20’s, Mumbai City completely changes the life of him/her & none of the qualities will be same as the person was before.

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