Monday, April 6, 2009

Cute Innocent Creatures :)

The above picture is of 2 infant pigeons.....I took this photograph from my neighbor's balcony....They r really chooo chweeet:) Their birth took place in my neighbor's balcony..so they have made balcony as their own residence..

My neighbor feeds them, kabootar chenna.....r really extremely dirty.....My neighbor has a great task to do it:)

I should, highlight that, its The Residence of our Colony President, उनके balcony में कबूतर का जनम हुआ, पर उनकी बीवी को, कबूतर का खयाल रखना है ;)

इनकी घर पे गजानंद महाराज भी आए है....बस महीने के है.....बहुत ख़ूबसूरत है:) हर दिन उससे मिलके, खेलके आउंगी:) बहुत लाडला लाडला मुन्ना मुन्ना प्यारा प्यारा है:)

Well, going back to Kabootar story....I took snap of them, when their mom was away from them..she had been to take a free breath from her infants.....I don't know where she had been....may be to meet her hubby ;) [kidding]..........

Ps:- I really liked these cute innocent creatures...we cover our babies with clothes..keep them warm during cold and during summer, will see to do that, they don't get affected from heat & sunlight...but what about these, little innocent birds?? have we ever bothered to take care of them.....many kill them mercilessly and eat, as though its a fruit.......

But here, in our president's place, they r taking very good care of them...feeding them time to time...cleaning their place very frequently in order to avoid any diseases or odour :) I Really, Extremely Deep Whole Heartedly Thank Our Mr.President & also Mrs. President for taking very good care of these innocent creatures
:) Hats of to them :)

I had composed poem of a pigeon, who visits our house..if u have missed it click here :)


PD said...

बढ़िया पोस्ट.. एक पोस्ट मैंने बहुत पहले अपने घर के कबूतरों पर लिखा था, उसकी याद आ गई..
उसे चिट्ठाजगत द्वारा ईनाम के लिये भी चुना गया था मगर अंतिम तीन में वह अपना स्थान नहीं बना सका..
http://prashant7aug.blogspot.com/2008/01/blog-post_16.html :)

Creativity!! said...

@ PD :- Thanks a Lot:)

Aapki post padi, bahut badiya hai :) Its really wonderful :) Thanks a lot for sharing:)

Pallav said...

Really so sweet..
i agree wid uu Creativity.. but i think tht is why God has gvn them enough strength to bear any kind of temprature...

n its thier fate..
hv u ever thot wen in summers we r in under roof there r many people who dont bhv food n shelter..
i hv seen, i put up in delhi n in wintersit is very difficult for those who hv no home n anythng...

nice post...
i liked it ..it seems u hv soft corner for birds too..
Kepp writing
Hv fun
cheers :)

Creativity!! said...

@ Pallav :- s, u r correct :) even In Mumbai, there r slums, where ppl stay on rd side, without any shelter or food..even kids...I really extremely sad for them :(

S, I am craze about animals, birds, ants, insects and all nature......