Thursday, April 2, 2009

Demanding Respect x-(

Well, I had heard and read about Demand & Supply in Economics with respect to Production..

Law of Supply
:- Other things, remaining the same, as the price of the commodity rises its supply is extended, & as the price falls its supply is contracted.

Law of Demand
:- The law of demand states that, if all other factors remain equal, the higher the price of a good, the less people will demand that good.

But, Have you people ever heard of Demand & Supply With respect to

Here goes the conversation,

Bellu :- Y don't you people work properly?? have entered wrong entries[transactions]

Ballu :- Sir, You without checking have signed to all vouchers. U should have checked, verified and then signed.

Bellu :- Give respect to my CHAIR X-(

Ballu :- sir, U please get up, I shall Salute to your chair ;)

Bellu :- Kept quiet. But complained to Sollu[Hierarchy] about ballu's reply :)

Sollu :- called ballu to his chamber and inquired about the matter.

Ballu :- Said to Sollu that, sir, no one has entered correct entries & even u too have signed to 20lakh unverified cheque. Others don't know work properly..what to do? and they ask me to give respect to chair:) So I said to Bellu sir, to vacate his chair, so that I Shall Salute to his chair with due respect :)

So even for the chair, there exist demand for respect, even though the person being in hierarchy[Bellu] not knowing the work properly and demands respect from Ballu who had worked sincerely:) This what is happening in now-a-days work place..

PS:- Names mentioned here are Fictitious..But its the real happening in one of the Work place.

So friends, if any1 ask the same[give respect to chair] then ask them to vacate their chair so that u could salute their chair with due respect..This highlights their mistakes, mischievousness and never degrade sub-ordinates:) Learn this technique from this Post:)

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