Thursday, April 2, 2009

Windy Summer :)

Hmmmm......oh God!!!!!!!!! Summer Season arrived..........Mumbai too hot[especially for girl's] :)

By lots of Sweat, Makeup demolishes..looks as though I have applied, cement on my face[even though not]..My lotion, cold-cream, Johnson Baby Powder, lip gloss r wasted by this sweat..

Oh nooooooo:(...
अरे भगवान पूरे मुंबई शहर को एयर कंडिशनर लगादेना

People who reads this post may laugh, since I use Johnson Baby Powder..
क्या करूं यार, मुझे बाकी powder suit नहीं करते

Today, me & mom had gone out in rick, realised & felt :-

Its windy summer..
Hot air blowing....

Makeup vanished....

Felt as though, I ve applied glue.

Came Home

washed face with Ice-water :)

by pears soap[to my face] :)

Lux soap[to my hands] :)
felt, glue vanished:)

S, Glue had vanished.

had lunch.
slept for an hour in a geyser[my room]
got up by 5pm
went to Ground to Play Badmitton.

While Playing,

Felt I was bathing,

B'coz of Sweating
Played for 2hrs.
Came home & immediately took Shower Bath.

Gave assurance that, I got back my Body & Look.

Oh God:) Summer toooo hot....U come so early and go so late..when Should I leave my house to go to Market..even in evening, breeze is extremely hot:(

When will Rainy season come & when will I drench in flood[Mumbai Flood] which also a scary season..But, I feel, Summer is better than winter...But,Nov-Dec is too good in Mumbai :) I love Winter Season.

Here In mumbai, even in winter its too hot...When I was in Blore, I used to Love Rainy as well as Winter, even summer which r like AC's for me:).

Anyways, God Creations r always good:) I love it where ever I go :)


Anonymous said...

yea dear true.. but you know what its hot even here...

Creativity!! said...

@ Revathi :- Hmmmm....For Me Blore is Like a Hill Station :)

U come to Mumbai, experience Mumbai 1st & 2nd summer, then go to Blore, and tell me what u felt :)

ShantanuDas said...

Rain or Shine Mumbai is always Fine!

Of course the above will be said by a Mumbai-wallah only.. otherwise rains are not good for mumbai when you are on the roads.

Summer or Rain.. each can be enjoyed if the surrounding matches.. like you can enjoy Summer on Jaisalmer Desert riding a camel.... or rain on a hill station sitting inside your hut overlooking the steep slope down...

ShantanuDas said...

u r right about Bangalore.. it is an ac city... better than chennai and Mumbai... But I like WINTER BEST!!.colder the better!

Creativity!! said...

hmm..had u been to Blore?? I think, u ve experience of world tour, by seeing ur photography:)

Creativity!! said...

During winter in Blore, I used to cover myself with, huge blankets, sweaters, socks, gloves, Monkey cap:)

especially, during afternoon, I used to close my room windows and door and also pull the curtains, making my room dark and sleep;) used to feel as though its n8..in eveng, mom would prepare for all of us, enjoying her food, garam garam khaaneko bahut man kar rahatha..abhi mumbai aake, sab chalagaya..Blore ka enjoyment is quite different 4m Mumbai.....I'm the great lover of Blore:)

ShantanuDas said...

naahhh.. no world tour... but many parts of India toured...bangalore I have gone several times.. am at Chennai now.. so bangalore is only 350 kms from here.. .. it is very pleasant.. but if you go out on the roads.. u get caught in traffic jams.. but then we are talking of climate here right? hmm.. u will find some pictures of Bangalore also.. and hv u gone to Delhi? I actually belong to Delhi and Cal.. both have winters.. delhi most.. and chennai is too hot for me!! here people are so adjusted that they switch off ac at times!! lol!..

mmmmmmm nothing like sleeping under a blanket in winter day right?

Creativity!! said...

I ve not visited chennai:) Hopefully, we r planning for Blore & Chennai Trip for 15days by the end of April.....S, I agree that, Blore traffic Jams ve increased comparatively by 1yr[last yr was my 1st visit to Blore, after shifting to Mumbai] I was there in Blore for 18yrs[native place]..

Oh Grt:) Give me link of Blore photos:) Delhi I ve not visited:(..

Creativity!! said...

Oh God!! I had not heard ppl turning off ac :-o How can they stay vthout ac?? baapree..s, I ve heard that, chennai is extreme than Mumbai..but, Mumbai also crossed 41, for the 1st tym:)

ShantanuDas said...


hmmm bapreee indeeed...I get scared!! how can they eat hot food with chillis and that too whout AC and fans not okay.. I keeo sweating in the canteen when I eat!! HAHA!

Creativity!! said...

@ Shantanu Das :- hmmmm..... :)Thanks for the Link :)