Friday, April 10, 2009

Scenerio of Bored Couple :)

Well.....Folks...as usual, I once again, snatched this Picture from Monsoon Dreams..She has posted this picture in her blog giving the title as Bored Couple.....

Monsoon Dreams, I already know that, u ve Imprisoned Me In Depth of ur Heart :) That's the reason, my Battery[Brain] is automatically reloading, whenever I come across new post in your blog :)

Based on my view, thought, opinion.....I feel as though :-

They had a long fight & may be thinking of Divorce :(
They r unable to find cool weather under a windy summer :(
They r hungry, but unable to find food even though hunting for long time for food :(
They r sad, since they r unable to grow their family :(
They r sad, bcoz, they miss Monsoon Dreams, the every moment she clicks & go off..since they can't share their feelings in comparatively different mood atleast in different pose :(
They may be suffering from mental/physical stress or any problem:(

Folks!!!!!Lets, gothrough with the text of their conversation :-

Honey :- Tears Filled!!!!! Unable to ctrl :(

Hubby :- ohhh......ohhh.....My chweeet chweet babyyy crying....velly velly chaad :(

Honey :- Then, what will I do?? ur mom will always shout at me :( she doesnt has heart/feelings and pour all her anger on me.....U know, That I'm velly velly[very] choft[soft] perchan[person]....I can't take such furious ferocious words...

Hubby :- Pampering her!!!!!! I know Darling Honey!!!! I can understand & feel ur feeling :)

Honey :- What can u understand/feel?? whenever ur mom shouts on me, u keep quiet x-( later on u come and pamper me with chweeet words when we are alone :( This is not at all fair:(....I go back to my Parents place...I don't want u anymore....U r not the right hubby for me x-( u always hold ur Mom's tail, even though u ve a wife...u never think of growing our family!!!!! Even now, u stick on to ur mom's stupid foolish words which doesnt has weightage or meaning x-( u r unfit to be my hubby x-(

Hubby :- ohhhh nooooo!!! nooooo!!!!! Plz plzzz....Pardon me.....pardon me Baby Honey :( Till today, I didn't even think or realise ur feelings....but now, I am......I'm able to understand & feel it:) but....but.....Please ever never think of Divorce.....I assure u.......I assure that, My mom will ever never interfere in our matters:) Well, tell me what can I do for u??

Honey :- We shall go 100kms away from ur mom & stay in our own house..but she should not visit..but u can visit her once in a month :) U should handover ur monthly Salary to me!! I will pay u Rs.100/- once in 2days......U can spend, Rs. 50/- each day...and for 2days, ur expenditure will be Rs.100/-.......But, You should, give me relevant vouchers...So that, I preserve them and mark in my Dairy....I shall maintain an A/c's Book!!!!! Joint A/c should be made!!!! These r my conditions/Wishes!!

Hubby :- Ohhhh Godddd!!!!!chooo choo many conditions [Murmuring] :(

Honey :- Why r u quiet??

Hubby :- No no.....not like that!!!! While u were saying, I was just imagining..well.....I agree with what u say!!!! [I think, I die in hands of urs.....murmuring]

Honey :- Well, Thats Great!!!!!!!!! I'm tired...so, I Shall take Some rest [with a broad smiley face] :)

Hubby :- Ok fine.....Chweeet Baby, u rest .....U surely rest!!!!!

Honey :- Sleeps, facing other side :)

Hubby :- Sits and think about life........Honey has laid so many conditions....I'm really extremely scared of her conditions....but I'm also in a dilemna...since, I don't want to loose my Mom nor my Honey!!!!! Oh goddd!!! Please....Please...Help me.....Plz take me away from thorns path.....Show me the way........Right path!! :)

Ps:- This is just a imaginary creation of mine :) Well, Folks, What all I ve felt, I ve shared here......views, thoughts, opinions......


ShantanuDas said...

Sorry..!! i came late!! but now am here.. hey!! once again u have done it!!
But hm as u asked.. these seem to be foxes as U SAID!! .. but only MD can tell!!

Andy said...

I saw it here first and then the original. The difference?

I found YOU more creative. I found you more enthu. Well done.
I liked it lots.
Andy. :-)

Creativity!! said...

@ Shantanu :- hmmmm.....u r correct!!!!!
Thanks for ur compliments :)

Creativity!! said...

@ Andy :- hmmm....Glad to Know that, U liked this post a lot:)

monsoon-dreams said...

hi dear,
you have a very creative brain!i really enjoy reading your scripts.you seem to be a bundle of energy :-)

Creativity!! said...

@ MD :- Dear, u always attach wings to all my articles, prose, poem, romantic conversations ;)
Thanx a lot..but again, as i ve said in blog, I ve snatched ur pix and i know u dn't mind...u ve imprisoned me in ur heart & I ve imprisoned u in my thoughts, views, opinions, so on & so forth:)