Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chaaadddd Squirrels :(

Folks!! This Picture was gifted to me by Monsoon Dreams to my Mail ID :) Loads of thanks to Monsoon Dreams....I really don't know, how she gets all these photographs...Its really amazing & I always wonder, how come this lady, get these photographs.....I ve Unanswered Questions...Folks, even u may also doubt, how come this Monsoon Dreams get these sort of pictures...Of course no doubt, she is a Great Photographer too...I ve never asked her, how she gets such an amazing wonderful photos ;)

so let me question here :-

Do u stay in forest??
Is your residence situated in between the forests??
Do u ve all animals as pets at ur residence??
Do u feel animals r like ur family members??
Do u carry Camera always with u where ever u go??

Well....well....at present these r the 5questions unanswered......

Now...let me tell u about Monsoon Dreams, what I feel for her!!

For Nature, she is like, wherever u go, where ever u r, in which ever form u be, I always follow you.....That's what she says to Nature!!!!!!!! [here u refers to Nature]......

Look at above picture once again....go deep into it...place ur eye balls in depth of that picture....Stare at that picture for 2mins, u could c their anger x-(, sad faces :(

Cherry satisfying her Hunger,
by relishing cherries....

Sweety satisfying his thirst,
by mango drink......

well, here goes text of their conversation,

Cherry :- Had a fought with her husband after coming back from Antarctica [honeymoon].

Sweety :- Wanted to satisfy his thirst, hunger.....but, cherry was not preparing anything to him....

Cherry :- Relishing, Cherry sitting on a branch with air conditioned weather..... :)

Sweety :- Relishing Mango Drink, in a Windy Summer :(

Both feels sad, guilt of themselves.....They r ashamed of themselves, bcoz after a good amount of honeymoon experience, they should once again go back to chweet memories and relish them...but, unfortunately, both of them fought...and Cherry said, she doesn't cook anything to him and he should satisfy his hunger and thirst by himself :(

Now...Now....what to do?? Folks!!!!!!!! Do u remember one of my post,
How To Win Woman & Man Heart?? Can, Sweety gift his Queen Jewels?? or Can, Cherry Gift her Prince with, Delicious Food??

Lets See, whats gonna happen in another post :) Will it be a happy ending or sad ending..will see in another post :)

This post is the continuation or another part of My Chweeet Squirrels.

PS :- Post about Squirrels is not like Mega Serials.....Its just my Idea/thought/Imaginary View/Creation of My Own:) I could say, Its Collaborative Creation of Mine & Monsoon Dreams..Monsoon Dreams sends picture or I snatch from her Blog and then compose an article/poem/conversation :)

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