Monday, April 6, 2009

Residence of Birds, Dogs & Kitten :)

hmmm...The above photo was taken by me from my front balcony......This tree is of our colony.....

What a gigantic tree,
embraced with flowers,
waves its branches
for a cool weather,
with its air conditioned breeze :)

Residence of all varieties of birds..
this is alarm tree for every1 :)
staying in our colony.
since, all birds come & sing
each resident wakes up :D
hearing birds melodious alarm :)

Each Bird, sitting on branches,
starts its conference, late night :)
& continues till 3am & again,
starts by 4am..
.... :D
Birds here never sleep, always conference :)

This tree is also a shadow of Dogs.
Colony dogs, sit below this tree,
to avoid sunlight & enjoy deep sleep ;)

I really, extremely love this tree & same with all varieties of birds..this tree is a living room as well as residence for infinite varieties of birds :) .......Dogs too have a nice time with this tree.....

Ps :- once I had seen, a kitten sitting on the branch of this tree......actually, he was trying to escape from
बदमाश dogs of our colony ;) dogs, were trying to chase him & throw him from our colony, but होशियार kitten jumped on a car & then on the branch of this tree and slept nearly for 2hrs ;) I observed from my front balcony.....So I can also say that, its a escaping stair for kitten as well ;).

As soon as I get up early in the morning, my first view is of god and his nature :) each day, I come across different types of Nature :) will share about this, in another post, any time later :)


monsoon-dreams said...

hey,u have a wonderful blog here.i love poetry and i'm sad i am not a poet.ya,ie.its so peaceful watching the nature.i can watch birds and animals for hours without getting bored.shall be back,waiting for more of your posts.

Creativity!! said...

@ Monsoon Dreams :- Thanks a Lot for landing down to my blog & for introducing me to the great blog of urs:) s, its true:) I feel that,innocent creatures r far better than human beings:) I love nature a Lot:) I keep conversing with all dogs of my colony as well as a pigeon who visit my place 4tyms a day:) I share all my feelings with him:)I love these creatures a lot:) Great fan of Nature:)