Monday, June 22, 2009

Dare Devils!!!!

Today, Me & mom had been to Dadar :) I came across many incidents :) B4 going to Dadar, we went to Malad Municipal Mkt had some shopping :D After shopping when we came out saw a lady sitting in middle of the road saying, some younger youth purposely pushed her, she fell down. Public ruthlessly thrashed that person. Ladies r Dare Devils in Mumbai :D

Another Incident was In Dadar :) A person, purposely touched a younger woman by pushing her & walking ahead. She was standing aside talking on phn...she slapped that person.Me & mom were standing there, opening our umbrellas from bag, to protect ourselves from Mumbai Monsoon :)

Ahhh....I saw Ferocious faces in both the case :D Ladies r Dare Devils :) I really appreciate their braveness :D

Whether its a Male or Female, one should be extremely careful in public places..

Well, wanted to share about these incidents :)


PD said...

Nice description.. :)

By the way Mumbai is the only big city in India which I didn't explored till now.. Other wise I visited almost all the famous places in India.. I hope, very soon I will go there to meet my frnds and relatives.. :)

Creativity!! said...

PD :- Thanks a lot. U should surely visit Mumbai atleast once in ur life time :) I ve many experiences to share here..But do it soon :D

chinnu said...

yup....When we had been to Mumbai even we saw such incidents... as you said there ladies are dare devils!!!!

Pallav said...

oops what a chaata..
dont u think so
its gud..
lesson to milna hi chahiyey bhai..


monsoon-dreams said...

hi dear,
i have landed in mumbai twice,but never got the opportunity to move around.may be next time.i hope u'll take me around:-).glad to see the monsoon.we mallus are still waiting for a full fledged monsoon.

Creativity!! said...

Monsoon Dreams :- Surely, will take u to famous places in Mumbai :) U r most welcome Dear :D

Creativity!! said...

Chinnu :- S Dear :)

Creativity!! said...

Pallav :- S, Its correct :D