Wednesday, June 3, 2009

10 Rupee Coin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, In today's Newspaper I read that, People are excited to c new 10 rupee coin...Especially, Bhelwala, Vadapav Wala, Sabji wala.....

This 1 rupee coin I got nearly 6months back itself...But, I ve retained..Ve not spent yet!!!!!! first I got 2coins from my neighbor & after few days, dad gave me 5coins......I ve retained Rs.70/-.....Dont feel like spending that 10 rupee coin :(

I really like this coin a lot :) Its having a quite different look :)

Well, let me share one incident -:

When my neighbor gave me 2coins, small kids were getting down from 6th floor and they landed on to 2nd floor where, we were discussing about this new coin....they were really tempted to have that coin...but, Didn't give them...not that I dont want to give....but, I felt they r really young to have it..but, some people develop coin collection as their hobby..So for them, its useful & some feel like showing new coin to their near & dear ones and some feel like spending :) Different tastes of different people......

A small kid, studying in Kindergarden asked me, Didi, mujhe wo wala coin dekhao :) then she said, Didi, mere pappa bhi RBI mein kaam karthe hai..per abhi thak mera pappa nahi laya....aapki pappa laya hai na??

Then, my neighbor told them, areyy...unke pappa nahi...mere MR. ne laya tha..mein isko dene keliye aayi..aapki pappa bhi layenge beta..I just smiled by the way, kid expressed her innocence :)

Me & my neighbors r very close to each other :) We r staying in 2nd floor and 2 of my neighbors, very close to me :)

I like to share 1more Incident :-

Once my Mom had been to Blore, So my neighbor's never allowed me to close main door :) I had to open all through the day..I used to get up by 5am to do early morning puja & to prepare breakfast, lunch to my dad...By 6.30 I would ve finished puja, breakfast & lunch..I used to give to my neighbors also, saying, "Just for taste".....I told them, Just taste mine...u ve tasted my mom's ,but not mine :) My Dad used to leave house by 7am to reach his office by 9.30am..So from, 7am-9.30pm my door was open and even my neighbor's.....Noon, I used to take a nap..may be for an hour..Only that one hour I used to close my door but, almost all through the day, My neighbor's and my door used to be open....

We all used to have breakfast/lunch together.....They used to bring, Roti, Sabji, Jeera Rice, I used to prepare, southIndian Rice, Sambar, Rasam.We all used to share & relish the food...Mean time, others used to come and visit me..enquiring about my breakfast/lunch and if I needed anything :)

When My mom was back, Every1 told her, ur daughter, took very good care of us and we enjoyed a lot......Then I told mom that, I missed u...But, Still, In some angle, I really didn't miss u mom :)

I love my colony people a lot :) In One of my posts I had shared about our RBI family :) Younger or older all r very friendly :) I really love my colony members a lot :) Wish to stay forever in such an environment :)

Well, I think, I ve bombarded with lot many feelings...now, let me go....haa...if u ve missed with RBI family posts, visit here.

Have A Nice Day :)


ABHISHEK SiM said...

breaking news and feel good post.

have a nice day - u too :)

Creativity!! said...

@ Abhishek :- Thanks :)

Ifthikhar said...

Nice...Thanks for sharing..

Creativity!! said...

Ifthikhar :- Thanks a lot for dropping by & for compliments :)

monsoon-dreams said...

hi dear
i saw this coin just a few weeks back for the first time,but my friend made me promise that i wont ask for it.how r u dear?
i see,you are a good neighbour too.dont ever change,be this girl all ur life :-)

Creativity!! said...

Monsoon Dreams :- hmmm.......I am fine Dear :D S, I like to remain as I am :D

7IYvmNt339E1TK5e0BX3yuHL5ovyiXuQ.pdHPZc- said...

actually nowadays I have less time.. so have to limit my visit 2 ur blog.. since your posts are very long. Though they are good.. sorry that I am not finding time to read this much.. but hey I have now one coin too! lol !

Creativity!! said...