Friday, June 19, 2009

About My College Days :D

Hmmm......Sterday, My poetry blog stepped on 50th Post & a special Post was put up to thank all my near & dear one's....If any1 have missed it, click here.

I am very much excited about my poetry blog :D

Well, after so long tym, I am back with this blog :D Sterday, Me & my friends were discussing about our life after graduation :) Some may work, some may go for further studies so on & so forth :D But, do we all still keep contacts with each other?? was the question :P

So another friend replied saying, aap log ek sms karne keliye ek rupaya ke baare mein sochthe ho, graduation ke baad kaise contacts mein rehenge??

No answer for the q :) I said to myself, orkut is there & can scrap or can do video conferencing through skype/yahoo :) To be frank, in our class, there is no unity :( but still, few of us atleast cultivated habbit of greeting each other :D

In between this discussion another 2of them came..among those2, one girl is extremely fair & beautiful, good height :) I really like her a lot :) I told her, Dear u r extremely fair & beautiful :)

Then she replied, areyy..what matters whether I am beautiful/fair?? Good Heartedness is the main Feature of a human being:) if thats exists, then every1 r fair & beautiful :D I really liked her answer a lot :) I ve never seen her in depressed/sad mood..she keeps smiling :D

Then, we were discussing about our exams :D this was all about 3days news..I combined all 3days news :D

Today nothing special :D Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!! First lecture is Economics :( I like economics...But I don't like lecturer :) She is not fluent in what she explains/says :( But have to manage :)

haaa.......Pinkorchid, Prashant, Shantanu Das, Monsoon Dreams, you all have a surprise in poetry blog, please


Pallav said...

ths is the another fact ..
actually we are so busy in our lives tht we dnt get time...

peter said...

I want to be fair,tall,good hearted and posses all the possible virtues a man can ask for :P

He he I am demanding a lot ...coz i can't compromise :P

Haww grad over ?..same here but no one even scraps :(

Creativity!! said...

Pallav :- S, true :D

Creativity!! said...

Peter :- Thanks a lot for dropping by :) hmmmm.......it happens :(