Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mumbai Monsoon :D

Today, was the day of Arrival of Mumbai Monsoon:) In 2009, June 23rd is the day of arrival of Mumbai Monsoon :)

Cow is fully drenched in Rain....Floods everywhere.......Water Logging.......No use of Umbrella's, raincoats......A hectic time, for Students, employees, even for housewives, since they cant step out of the house to purchase provisions, vegetables....but still, they ve to move out...have to place our foot in drainage water......When water logs, then, drainage will be opened, so that water logging gets cleared.....but, drainage water comes out...But, no one get affected with skin diseases or so...very amazing na?? Malaria cases will Increase, b'coz of Mosquito Bites.......

Trains on Slow motion.......People, trying hard to get into their regular trains, but will be unable to do so, bcoz change of time......taking excuses from boses..students asking excuses from lecturers..

Flooded everywhere :D
Kids continue playing even in heavy downpour :D
Here, drainage's will be opened for the rain water to get in..but, rain water gushes in & because of force, drainage water gushes out :( Mumbaikars r forced to step in drainage water and walk ahead :(( But, none gets infected with Skin Diseases :) Its very amazing, but true :)

I would like to share my own experience of last year :D

Last year, Busses, auto-rickshaws were stopped so available transportation facility was Local Train :D Me and my friends were holding each others hand tightly and started walking in that flooded area to reach Malad Stn. Somehow, we managed to reach Stn..but, I had to take churchgate bound train & my friends had to take Virar Bound Train:) Somehow, I reached Goregaon Stn safely :)

But, when I was getting down the stairs, I saw people standing on the stairs, bcoz the water was heavily flooded :( but, I wanted to rush home :) bcoz, there was no network and couldn't contact my parents nor they were able to contact me :( Somehow, I managed to get down the stairs and had to walk on road :)

Then, shopkeeper said, Behenji, Math jaayiye..vahape drainage khula hai..yaha pe drainage kaha kula hai vo bhi nahi patha chaltha hai :( even then, praying God, I went.

Public helped me..but I had to walk till Gokuldham 4m Goregaon Stn :(( I took 1hr45mins to walk in that flodded area.....This tym, friends were not with me :( Somehow, reached home, parents were extremely worried :) ohh God :) Mumbai Monsoon is terrible :( But, people need water......so, it should rain for 4months and another 8months no rain :)

There will be delay in take off and landing :) Can find, flooded people in Airport :(

Uffff!!!!!!!!!!!! What A Monsoon it is ??

Ps:- Dear friends, I have shared my own experience and also about Mumbai Monsoon :D one should experience this, atleast once in a life time :) I Really Love the Way Mumbai Is :D Above pictures were taken from online :D


Pallav said...

yar.. i knw its so terrible..
one of my friend also strucked there..

happy Rainy Season


PD said...

yesterday my frnd(from Mumbai) was telling me the same thing.. He was telling me about rain is started in mumbai, now God only knows what will happen..
Take care.. :)

Creativity!! said...

Pallav :- Thanks a Lot :D

Creativity!! said...

PD :- :D

divsi said...

yeah! mumbai monsoon!!!:) it wud ve been so much betta onli if the bmc cleaned the drains efficiently!:)
kip writin!

Creativity!! said...

Divsi :- Thanks a Lot ford dropping by :)...s, thats true Dear :) but always Govt Measures r in words but not in action.

उन्मुक्त said...

अरे इसे तो हम अपने कस्बे में देखने को तरस गये।

साहाना जी, आप चिट्ठी प्रकाशित करते समय अलग पैराग्राफ के अक्षर अलग रंग से लिखती हैं। यह आपकी चिट्ठी को रंगीन तो बनाती है पर पढ़ने मुश्किल होती है। शायद सफेद में काले रंग से लिखे को पढ़ना सबसे आसान होता है।