Saturday, March 7, 2009

Water Marked Birds!!

Birds, The creature of God, Beautiful, most descriptive creatures, but not able to find, exact wordings to describe them.... As we all see in this above picture,

The birds, trying to satisfy their thirst for water and their most delicious food, fish...Pigeons and Crow..Crow, staying with pigeons family..
We human beings, being literates, getting post graduations, doctorates, reaching high levels, calling ourselves as great people..but, what about these innocent creatures??
Even though knowing about crow, it has allowed crow to join their family..We should learn lessons, from these creatures..
This is a real photography, taken in Tirupathi,[Andhra Pradesh] from a person, who had been to visit, Tirupathi..Photography being a hobby for this person, has done a great Job..I liked this a Lot:)..So sharing with my Near and Dear one's :)

Precious wordings of Pigeon,[i composed this in form of poem, by my own imagination, thoughts, views & feelings].

We come and go during our season,

We are fed with our kabootar chenna,
But our food differs from one place to another,

Here we didn't find, our chenna's.

But, we came across fishes,

large amount of fishes,
were also feeling thirst,

thirst for hunger and water.

So, we landed down to water,
where we met our new friend,

Crow, who was also hungry and feeling thirst.
He came with high expectations,
that he too will get part of our share.

Yup :) we happily invited him with opened arms :)

He also became member of our Family.

All are extremely happy,
never ever we regret,
or curse him,
since he is of other category :)

We all landed together,

when photographer, liked us a lot,
we were pride enough to pose ourselves

To show, how much unity we r having,

which you human beings are lacking.

We all Thank Photographer,

For Taking our Photo,

Making awareness among people

About, Our Unity of Diversity :)


revathikulkarni said...

Indeed Sahana so much to learn from those beautiful creatures.. wonderful post...;)

Creativity!! said...

Thanks a Lot Dear:)

workhard said...

Thats a good post.. Like the pics..

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Creativity!! said...

@ WorkHard :- Thanks a Lot Dear:) Credit Goes to Photographer who developed and professionalized photography being his hobby:)