Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fashion Street :)

Fashion Street is the name that you can hear from most of the college students in Mumbai as soon as the last bell rings. Indeed, it has become the stomping ground of the students and teenagers, who make the style statement in their classrooms and the realm of fashion. Located adjoining the Cross Maidan and opposite Azad Maidan in South Mumbai, Fashion Street is actually a market flooded with export surplus clothing. It is a group of more than 100 shops, where you can get chic clothes and fashion accessories at very cheap rates. Most of the clothes land here because they get rejected by the quality conscious importers. It is possible that you may get a button missing or crooked collar, but on the whole, these clothes are stylish, cheap and of good quality.

Mumbai, the Business Capital of India, is the prime exporter of readymade clothes to abroad. The clothes, which make the craze stuff in the leading stores of the US and Europe, can be obtained at Fashion Street, besides for a fraction of their price overseas.
Apart from clothing, here you can find shops selling shoe and costume jewelry too.

Haggling is 'mantra' of shopping at Fashion Street, where shopkeepers generally quote higher prices. You can really enjoy buying cool stuff, while bargaining and cracking pretty good deals. Essentially ask half of the price, what has been asked by the proprietor, haggle a bit or move forward and eventually, you will get the selected things at the price quoted by you. On your visit to Mumbai (Bombay), definitely pay a visit at Fashion Street to get some really nice stuff.

Today myself and other girls had been to Fashion Street in ChurchGate[near BSNL Tower, Main office].
we left our place by 2pm and reached Church gate by 3.15pm and purchased sandals, dresses, watches.....and also had sugarcane juice, since it was extremely hot.Well, To come back to goregaon, we boarded Borivilli Fast Local..we wanted some hangings..but we didn't find in fashion street..luckily a young girl, around 20yrs boarded the same train and she was selling hangings, studs, mobile cover, hair bands, pouches and so on. I asked her to show hangings, liked and purchased 2, one is hangings, and other is a stud..I loved it a lot :) each of Rs.5/- well my friends also purchased....after we purchased other passengers also purchased hangings from her...

well, one of my friend, conversed with her asking, :)

my friend -:
इतना ही है क्या?? या और कुछ selections वगेरा है क्या??
[seller]-: अरे बहनजी में अकेली हु, माँ बाप नही है :( जितना माल आज भेचेगा उत्नामेही में माल करिदुंगी और, मेरेलिए कुछ पैसा रखूंगी :) इतना माल ही मुझे ज्यादा लगता है :)
my friend -: अच्छा टीके :) ..में वाला और वाला करिदुंगी..ये लीजिये, दस रूपया दोनों मिलाके :) रेशमा -: :) बहुत कुश थी :)

After Purchasing, she was resting herself sitting with us..then she said, I dont have any..but how much ever I earn, from that, minimum goods I purchase and save for myself..She said that, she too feel like wearing such hangings..but no money..so sells..my friend as soon as she purchased, wore that hanging..reshma seeing that, felt extremely happy :) [she couldn't wear, but atleast her customer bought and wore in front of her]..

Reshma seeing that, with a wide smiley face, said,
में रेशमा हु..में भी आपकी जैसी लड़की हु..आपकी उमर की हु...मेरा नाम रेशमा है..by this, I came to know that her name is Reshma :)

She was satisfied with what she had and with what she got :) we people in Fashion street had to bargain a lot..But, here the same product we purchased for Rs.5/-. there good shops and also retail dealers, expect more than the original price, but what about this young girl ?? she was extremely good looking and I assessed her within few minutes..I kept on observing her..Her movement, talks, expressions, interaction with customers..I liked everything and prayed God for her well being :)

When my friend asked, do u ve some more selections, then she said, I am poor Girl [
में अनाथ हु] मेरे पास इतना माल है जो मुझे लगता है कुछ ज़्यादा ही है :) I felt extremely sad, when I heard these words..She never degraded herself..I felt a kind of weightage in her words, expressions..She was smiling..

we people, had to get down in Goregoan..but, because of the interactions with Reshma, didn't even feel that we had crossed andheri and were in Jogeshwari :) when another friend of mine said, sahana, Jogeshwari came, next stop is Goregaon, we have to get down..Reshma Got down at Jogeshwari..

I kept on smiling, she felt good..even now, I can feel her voice, her wordings, expressions and everything of Reshma..Hatts of to Reshma, who is struggling and leading her life all alone that too in a Great City of Mumbai :)


PD said...

मुझे आज वाली पोस्ट बहुत बढ़िया लगी.. जीवन को बहुत सूक्ष्म नजरों से देखती हैं आप..

Creativity!! said...

Thanks a Lot..mein aapki blog mein naye posts ke intazaar kar rahi hu:) jaldh se jaldh naye posts lagayiye :)

उन्मुक्त said...

मुझे अक्सर ऐसी रेशमाओं से मुलाकात होती है। मिल कर अच्छा लगता है।

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workhard said...

We lucky in INdia to have markets like these where we can find things dirt cheap....Nice posts...

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Creativity!! said...

@Workhard:- hmmmm...Thanks a Lot Dear:) That's true Dear:)
Actually, I wanted to share incident of That girl Reshma, But b4 that, I wanted to give brief info of Fashion Street:)

workhard said...

Yeah, i ll be wanting to read that too... :)

Creativity!! said...

Yup:) Surely U can read and visit Mumbai:) In this article itself, I have mentioned about Fashion Street and also about Reshma, A brave girl:)