Friday, March 27, 2009

Mr. Jumbo

This pix was taken in kanchipuram, kanchi kamakshi temple by a Photographer[photography being his hobby]..This Person is a very close friend of mine..I always like his photography, which I feel somewhat artisitic[eventhough its camera courtesy] :)Very Nice Pix Na :)

I loved it a Lot:) Mr. Jumbo, being calm, cool minded person, making Mahouts to bathe him ;) अरे वाह!!क्या बात है??

For a single person, 2Mahouts participating in bathing him:)

Mr. Jumbo is very innocent, decent handsome Guy :) love him a lot :). Its True that I’m a Great Fan of animals [both Herbivores & Carnivores] But, I am pure vegetarian...I wish to have all kinds of animals at my residence :). Hope my wish will come true:).

Elephant, considered being Lord. Ganesha, we have to protect these giant animals from killing them. Many misuse these innocent animals by trading their trunks by killing them without humanity.

This Jumbo, being lucky person, has got his own residence in Temple, wherein he helps temple authorities in carrying idols during procession. Mr. Jumbo is Kids most favorite guy:). हाथी का सवारी बच्चों को बहुत अच्छा लगता है :)

I would like to share an Elephant Poem :)

Elephants are lovely guys,
They're good and true and tell no lies.

They don't take more than they can eat,
And always watch where they put their feet.

They don't play with electric wires;
I never have heard of them starting fires.

They live healthily, they don't smoke
An Elephant is a kindly bloke.

Elephants take care of their young,
And rarely speak with angry tongue.

When in school, they do not cheat,
They walk in lines which are quite neat.

They don't beat up on smaller folks,
Don't care if they're the butt of jokes.

They don't fret, what wear today,
Look simply splendid all in gray.

Super strong yet very nice,
They're really not afraid of mice.
I've tried and tried but I just can't
Find anything better than the Elephant.


workhard said...

I love elephants, they look so innocent, yet so majestic..


siddz2005 said...

its really nice ...... keep it up

Creativity!! said...

@ Workhard:- :)..
Thanks a lot for visiting my blog:) and also for sharing ur view:)

Creativity!! said...

@siddz-: Thanks a lot:)

ShantanuDas said...

You really have a variety of thoughts!! Hmm!!... a poem on elephants even! ehh!!

Creativity!! said...

hahaaha...hmm..Mr Jumbo..My Favorite Guy:)

ShantanuDas said...

haha!! Have you watched them walk from behind? I once saw an elephant waling away in front of me at Betla forest (Near Ranchi).. it looks exactly like a well endowed person walking from behind!

Creativity!! said...

When I was in 1st Std, I had been to Bannergetta[school trip] in Blore:)
and even Mysore zoo and that was the last visit:(

I wish I keep elephant at my residence..some say, its a foolish talk, but I don't feel so:)

ShantanuDas said...

what is foolish in that!.. if you say marry someone very rich.. and live in a large house! who knows? you may even realise this dream!.. nothing is foolish.. things are only possible or not possible along with probability %... !!

You should go to forests.. MP Vandavgarh (i hv not gone) will be nearer to you.. Mumbai has a lion forest.. near borivili i forget the name.. or Gir forest in Gujarat where lions are there but not the type i mean..u shld be in a forest and staty inside in a forest lodge.. I stayed at Betla saw the elephant.. elephants are in every forest i think.. being very common.. Kaziranga forest is famous for rhino.., jaldapara forest in North Bengal.. also.. for elephants..

Creativity!! said...

hmmm...Thanks a lot for inspiring me to ve elephants:) Feeding them is difficult and ppl say that, my whole salary will be for Mr. Jumbo:P But, I do visit the places which u ve mentioned here, atleast once in my life time..In Borivilli National Park, there r no animals..Thanks a lot for giving info about forests..I even wish to ve lion, tiger..i want my house to be in mid of forest:)

ShantanuDas said...

in Borivili if I rbr correctly we went around in a bus with grills on windows.. and i think i saw animals?! am i wrong then? hmmmm maybe :-(