Sunday, September 28, 2008

Views and Thoughts

I'm from extremely orthodox family.So my views and thoughts was of like 1930's. I had to change myself a lot..But I gradually changed by myself..
Got myself explored to new set of people, their views, ideas and thoughts made me realize that I should change a lot or else will be entering into a deep sea.
In my first year, and first day of the lecture class, When I entered my classroom, [no.30], 5th floor, I saw a place in first bench next to 2girls[Purva and Manasvi]. Those two girls were looking extra-ordinarily beautiful. I went and sat with them. Gradually started gossiping enquiring about their name, place..so and so forth.But gradually I found somewhat strange in their attitude and the behaviour.Those two were Twins. They use to illtreat a lot[cursing, laughing at others'] somewhat I didnt like them.somehow I managed with them uptill completion of my first sem. Later on, in the second sem, I shifted over to another friend named Shobhna.


ShantanuDas said...

hmm this is as if reading someone's life story.. and yet fast and speedy.. the movie is interesting !! can sell!! hmmmmm

Creativity!! said...

@ Shantanu :- Movie reality mein hua hai:)

ShantanuDas said...

dear sahana... i am watching this movie.. now