Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life Is Very Precious.....Value Every Moment Of Your Life!!

There are many statements, that one hears from time to time, such as ' Life is in the Living', or is Life Worth Living? It depends on the liver!!' that point to the fact that life can be good only if we take & accept responsibility what all comes in our way!! unfortunately, majority of the people, take many years to understand this simple fact!!

How many of us Respect Self Moral Values??How many of us are totally Satisfied with what we have?? How many of us keep on Demanding rather than Accepting?? Will we accept easily, what all comes in our way?? will we adjust to all sorts of people?? Will we accept other people as our own people?? Will we accept different states as our state??

I wish to share a incident, which is currently going on, between Maharashtra Border & Karnataka Border.

Maharashtra wants Belgaum to be under their state but not under Karnataka!! What makes the difference, whether it comes under Maharashtra or Karnataka?? Since, Its in our own Country..We say, Just as Political Leader says, India is a Democratic Country.Each & every citizen has the right to Share view and gave Idea's[These r just in wordings] but not in action......Now, much of violence is going on bcoz of this issue[above mentioned]..if any trains or buses pass the border, They r killed on the spot..Without any humanity!! What kind of a people are existing in our country??

Still, we comment, we compare saying, other countries are extremely clean & tidy..But India is extremely Horrible[In terms of Dirt] & Poverty still exists in our country!! If these are happening everywhere[365/24/7] how India Improve and Come up as Other States!!

In spite of all this, we have great IT Parks...Is these IT parks are of Indians?? nope, if it was started/established by a Indian, after few years, it may be in Partnership vth Foreign Companies.

Indians are totally changing customs, traditions, culture & everything!! If this is the case, How will our Country get change as Other Countries?? Where is the scope for Changing our Country??

These are some of my Doubts, which are still existing..If any1 can answer or knows the answer and also justify your answer...so that I can understand perfectly!!

Some of us have to grow up facing great difficulties. Family circumstances, poverty & other factors make many to struggle to get basic amenities, necessities, as well as education. For others, However, most things are provided to help us grow. Parents do their utmost to give their children a good education, & try to provide luxuries as well as necessities. This leads most of us developing the mental attitude where we want life to provide us with the conditions for happiness & satisfaction. But while we wait for such conditions to be fulfilled, we are dissatisfied & morose.. Often, we do not work on developing our own talent & potential, while we wait for the 'Big Break' or 'Opportunity' .

The truth or the real fact is that, thinking too much about the future, or having too many regrets about the past, can actually serve as a handicap. It can prevent us from experiencing the beauty & vibrancy of our life in the present. The secret of enjoying every moment of life is actually, making the most of every moment. It means, taking & accepting responsibility for making things happen rather than waiting for the things to happen.

The above sentence, i.e. other factors make many to struggle to get basic amenities, for this again I ve a Real Incident which is happening each & every day.....In Mumbai, Bandra[name of Stn, main local rly stn].. here people don't ve facility of toilets[I'm talking about Slums/Backward Areas]..They follow the old tradition of carrying the buckets & sitting on Railway Tracks.. What does Govt do with the Revenue?? Y don't it handover the Infrastructure to any Private Firms?? again this is also my doubt!! Its very pity, bcoz our own people...our own people of our own country are suffering!! If this is the case, from where will scope arise for improvement of our Country??

Ps.. I ve just shared my Views, Thoughts, Opinions.....What all I ve shared here, is all In General!!

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