Monday, October 6, 2008

Bengaloorina Roti Ghar..

namma bengaloorina, gandhibazar alli iruva Roti Ghar, Nanage bahala saari nenapaaguthidhe..Hope 2cum to blore wen the time permits!!
This restaurant serves both North Indian and South Indian Food and is from Upahara Darshini Group. South Indian food is even now excellent in Upahara Darshini in the nearing DVG road. This restaurant has Service Hall and Party Hall on the bussiest Gandhi Bazaar Main Road. The restaurant is very hygenic. Earlier they used to give food in use and throw plastic plates and plastic tumblers. Now, steel and ceramic plates are used and everything is sterilized in hot water. They provide Amul sealed butter and Maggi sealed sauce packet. Fast food is very economical. Dosa costs 11 rupees, 1 Plate Poori Costs Just 7 rupees, Idli Costs Just 7 rupees and coffee is just 3 rupees in a very big cup. Sweets are also very good, economical and fresh compared to nearby Venkateshwara Sweet Mart, Arya Bhavan and Anand Sweets. Thatte idli is very tasty. Service area is expensive. North Indian food is average in taste. A North Indian Meal in A/C Service area costs only 55 rupees - which is a good deal in North Indian Food.
Yen ruchi ruchi Basundi, chats, SouthIndian NorthIndian Food!!
Really missing my, Bangalore City a Lot!!!!!!!!

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