Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two Wheeler

Hmm, As I secured distinction in 7th std[at that tym it was board exam], mom gifted me a bicycle[Lady Bird].My parents & sis tried a lot for making me learn riding a bicycle..But I didnt learn.Fed up of my -ve reply[I dont learn bicycle, I dont want to learn riding a bicycle], my mom sold it to one of her student.So I didn't learn bicycle..
Later on, when I came to 1st PUC, Mom admitted me to a driving school[Anand Driving School in Hanumanthnagar,Blore] paying Rs.2000/- for learning two-wheeler.
The person who was teaching me, taught me balancing[how to balance] on the first day. Gradually, I learnt balancing and one fine day, he took me to a ground[donkonna field, nearer to Vidhyapeetha circle] and taught how to give a acceleration and how much of acceleration should be given and how to hold the break, when to use the back break and when to use the front break.He was very nice person. Very good tutor. But I didn't wanted to learn. Mom said that, My daughter will never learn two-wheeler. So that tutor, replied saying, aane ge circus nalli cycle tuliyodu helkottaga, manushyarige gaadi helkododu yen maha kashta.[In circus Elephants are taught riding a bicycle so what's the difficulty in teaching a humanbeing in driving a two-wheeler]!!!!!!.
I left that driving school in the middle.Later on, I was getting scoldings from my family members[so on & so forth]...........
Mom did not loose her inspiration of making me learn 2wheeler. When I came to 2ndPu, Mom's student parent said that, she is having a driving school and will surely teach me how to learn a 2wheeler. Mom framed a policy, i.e. Last But The Least Try and made me join again to driving school again paying Rs.2000/-. This time my mom succeeded. Mom won.
Y I'm sharing this incident to all my Near and Dear one's bcoz, everyone are brilliant, intelligent, has their own inherent talent, ability, only thing is, he/she should have self determination of achieving it.So no one can say that, he/she cant achieve nor will try to achieve. Samaya kala bandhaga avarige artha aaguthe antha helobadalu[Instead of saying wen the tym cums, they will surely understand/realise] better, keep on trying!!!!!!Efforts & Hardwork will surely succeed..So for me, it took nearly 5yrs to learn a 2wheeler. I dint learn bicycle nor 2wheeler uptill 2ndPUC, but when I came to 2nd PUC I learnt very soon bcoz of my self determination and the clear cut concepts which I was taught by Anand Driving School.
So ur Efforts, Self-Determination and Hardwork makes u succeed rather than imposing force by some1 else!!!!!
This incident proves that, Failure is the stepping stone to Success!!!!!!!!!! if I'm correct!!

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