Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gratitude Testimonial to My Sister!!

When we were young we fought like cats and dogs. I remember the feeling of the cold linoleum as we wrestled on the floor and the feel of my sister’s body wrapped around mine. Strangely we loved this fighting. Our mother tried a few times to stop us and we would fiercely yell at her, “Go away, this is none of your business, we like this!” as we grabbed at each other’s bodies. Finally she got the message and left us alone to our skirmishes.

Though our fights were usually physical, sometimes they were emotional – not the usual name-calling, but a more sophisticated taunting, such as “I know something that you don’t know and I’m not going to tell you”. I guess we both had strong curiosities and this not-knowing was a form of torture. Despite all the fighting we loved each other dearly and stood up for each other. Woe to the person who dared to lay a hand on one of us – only we were allowed to abuse each other!

Through the opportunity of expressing all our emotions about each other freely and completely we grew to know and understand each other very well. As we matured into this greater understanding of each other, the fighting just fell away, no longer necessary. We developed a strong, intimate bond that served us well through our teen-aged years.

I so looked forward to my nightly bed-time ritual in the bathroom! Not the washing of my face or the brushing of my teeth, but the sharing of the day with my beloved sister. We were alone together in our own sanctuary – no one would interrupt the confiding of our intimate secrets here. And it was a joy to unburden my heart to her as my sister was totally supportive and accepting of everything I revealed to her. The “ups” of teen-aged life obviously got even better in the sharing, but so, surprisingly did the “downs”. In the sharing we would laugh and cry together and any pain was always eased. I considered myself so lucky to have a sister that I could share my heartfelt self with intimately and honestly and be accepted for who I was. I loved that precious time together and all that we shared and I love my sister.

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